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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dining Alone

If I was normal, I'd probably blog about my adventure to the Arnold Arboretum yesterday — it was awesome! But instead I'm going to tell you how albeit getting bitten by dozens of mosquitoes, I'm still sitting here, at the edge of BU beach, staring at a constant flow of cars on Storrow Drive and the Charles River.

See, today, I had dinner by myself. I don't usually eat dinner alone. Lunch yes, but not dinner. But everyone had their own plans tonight. And well, I was hungry and didn't want to deal with or think about the work I have to do — there's a lot of it. So I grabbed a sandwich and dined alone at BU Beach. Normally, during the day, I pick a spot where I don't see the cars. But tonight I'm sitting on the bump, and staring at the cars and the Charles River. It grew dark quick, and the mosquitoes wasted no time coming out and targeting me. But nevertheless, I sat through the mosquitoes, doing the fending mosquito jiggle, and ate my sandwich. And I realized I wouldn't mind just sitting here alone for the rest of my life. Just me, my thoughts, and the world. I know, it's not the ideal sanctuary: that mountain peak or stream in the woods, but it's still really nice. The noise of the cars driving by really isn't bad. There aren't any obnoxious horns. And you basically just experience the Doppler Effect over and over again. Occasionally, there will be an ambulance, and that's when you really get to experience the Doppler Effect. And the Charles! It's beautiful, especially for such a polluted river. The reflection of the headlights of passing cars on the other side of the Charles just glimmer so prettily in the Charles. And I am at peace.

Sigh, back to the real world. Ahh! I'm so itchy! I'll be sure to bring incense next time; mosquitoes hate smoke. Oh, and if you're really interested about my adventure to and at the Arnold Arboretum, I uploaded several pics and wrote a short post about it on my google+.

Update: On my way home, I stopped at COM Lawn and just laid down next to the fountain and star gazed.  And I figured out a phrase that I think will always bring me out of a slump. It's an action phrase. I won't tell you what it is though. This is for myself. And if you can guess it, I think you might actually know me better than I do, which is definitely possible since I don't know myself well at all. Maybe I should get it engraved on a river rock . . . so I won't ever forget. =]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Rainbow Connection & Do Re Mi

This is kind of random, but I started humming this song in the shower. Maybe I'm just unconsciously dreaming of something, longing for something . . . Anyway, without further ado, "The Rainbow Connection," by Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson), from The Muppets Movie.

And then I started to listen to Julie Andrews! I love her voice! Aaaa, I'm very nostalgic now! I need to stop. No more songs from the past. Homework time. I'll leave you with one of my favorite childhood songs, ever! "Do Re Me!" (I think I just overused the exclamation point!)

Isn't she great!? And then I remember Julie Andrews may never be able to sing like that again. And I realize, I have yet to suffer.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Napping In The Sun

Granted, I didn't actually fall asleep. So really, I can't call it napping, more like baking in the sun. =]

See, I have this 5 hour gap in my schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays. And because I have so much work this semester, I usually spend it outdoors, in multiple locations, doing work. And it's really nice: productive and relaxing. But today, I got most of the work I allotted for this 5 hour gap finished. So instead of going back to my dorm to get more work, which is more time lost walking than time gained for work, I "napped." I "napped" in Marsh Plaza, for all of BU to see. And one of my friends did see me napping. She recognized me by my backpack, which is something all my friends seem to recognize me by. *shrugs* Is it that unique?

I took this picture, while laying down.

I can feel the cold fall air coming. I don't even want to think about how I'm going to have to spend 5 straight hours indoors! I need natural light! Ah! Okay, class time.

Post Script: After ranting that there was no iPhone app, I discovered that Google released a Blogger app just a couple days previous so yeah . . . This post, by the way, was composed on the Blogger app and then edited on my laptop.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BU Beach

Quoted entirely from my google+ page:

"I spent the good majority of the day at BU Beach today! And it was fantastic! =] The weather was perfect, T-shirt and shorts weather with a slight breeze. BU Beach, for those who don't know, is one of the few green spaces we have at BU. It gets it's name from a ridiculous myth BU tells us every chance it can, i.e. open house, college tours, information sessions, Wikipedia, etc. Basically the myth is that if you close your eyes, the cars passing by on Storrow Drive sound like waves crashing on the beach. I can't tell you whether it's true or not, since I haven't been to the beach enough times to remember it's distinct sound. But as far as I am concern, it's a peaceful green space, where you can't see any of Boston's skyscrapers or the cars on Storrow Drive – there's a little bump that blocks the view, but you can see the cars on the other side of the Charles, but they're quite a distance. And that makes me happy."

So why did I post it on google+ and not here first? Well, it's really inconvenient to post on Blogger from my phone. And I can't upload pictures onto Blogger from my phone. So, as the lazy person I am, I just post it to google+ because if I don't, I'll lose the appeal to post about it. Seriously, because there's no option to upload pictures on Blogger, I've posted quite a few short posts on google+. I rather have those posts here though, in one central location. So really, Blogger/Google, we need an app for the iPhone! Thank You!

Monday, September 05, 2011

My View

My view is quite amazing. All in one glance, I see geese, cars, water, and a university. The geese are on the esplanade, the cars are on Storrow Drive, the water is in the Charles River, and the university is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And every morning, I wake up to this view, give or take the geese. And it's amazing. I really love it.

I snapped this earlier, focusing more on the Cambridge skyline than Storrow Drive.
And it's all thanks to my amazing friends who pulled me into their spacious triple. Spacious enough for me to do cartwheels in the center. I also have my own little corner, nook so to write. It has it's own ceiling light. And it'll definitely come in handy when I do some late night studying while my roommates sleep. I really do love and appreciate my living arrangements. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, but, my dorm is on Bay State Road, which is where all the Brownstones are. The Brownstones, one of Boston's iconic architecture, have so much character, each with their own unique detail. While I'm not living in a Brownstone, I do get to walk up and down Bay State Road everyday, instead of Commonwealth Avenue, and take in the Brownstones and the serene, as Boston can be, atmosphere of Bay State Road. It's really nice.

It's going to take some time, though, to get used to the constant roar of Storrow Drive – I've heard it quiet maybe once, and it wasn't at night. But you know, there's a rumor that if you close eyes, it sounds like the ocean.

Classes start tomorrow . . . So yeah . . .