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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What The Hell

I'm double posting today!  Yay! =] Anyway, I've been posting a lot of wordy posts lately – although I have attached pictures. But that doesn't mean the word count goes down. So this post will consist of limited words – hopefully less than one hundred – and five songs.

Chinese version of There You'll Be from Pearl Harbor. Faith Hill sings the English version.
Amei's[张惠妹] "排山倒海"! (I love her voice. Just thought I let you know.)

For some variety: Rap!
Magnetic North's "Drift Away"!

And continuing the variety: A youtube cover of a broadway song!
Sam Tsui & Nick Pitera Covers "For Good"!

Another Broadway (and Wicked) song, but rock!
Kerry Ellis' Rock Version of "Defying Gravity"

Draco Malfoy sings? No, but Tom Felton does.
Tom Felton's "If You Could Be Anywhere"!

I've Lost It, Whatever It Is.

"It, where are you? I can't find you. Please reveal yourself to me."

I know what you're thinking: I've lost It. Well, you're right. I've lost It. I don't know where It has gone. Sometimes, you see me stumbling in the wrong direction and you wonder. Well, that's because I've lost It. Maybe It went the wrong way and if I never go the wrong way, I'll never find It. I mean It is not in my normal path because I would have found It already if It was there. Or maybe not. Maybe, It is just waiting for me at the end of the path. Okay, you've caught me. I don't stumble directionless because I'm looking for It. Actually, I'm just really lost. It has led me on a wild goose chase. And, I don't know where I am. I know where I want to be. I want to be where It is. So I can grasp It and not have to worry about It anymore.

So, I've lost It. It's current location is unknown to me. But, I need to find It. Wait a second, I don't think I ever had It in the first place. But I know It exist. It taunts me. And I've seen other people with It. And sometimes, rarely though, I am so close to It that my fingers wrap around It. But It always manages to escape and hide from me. I know where It will eventually be. It will be in my heart. But I don't want to wait. I want to find It now!

I just want to find my dear It.

But not to worry, finding It has not fully consumed my life. In fact, I'm still enjoying my life, rather guiltless too. I've seen some feverishly looking for It. And then there are some who refuse to admit they've lost It, sometimes claiming to have It when they don't. But sometimes, they just don't know they don't have It. What they actually have is something that's pretending to be It. And then, there are some who sacrifice the joys of life to keep It around. Let's also not forget about those who always have It. You know, the ones It seems to be attracted to. Or the one's who inherited It. Some aren't bother to find It and that depresses me.  My favorite people though are the ones who have worked so hard at finding It and have gained It's respect and maybe befriended It. Befriended It to the point that It will reveal itself to another if they asked. I like to be one of them. It deals with everyone differently.

I will never miss the opportunity to grab It if It is around. But for now, while It hides from me, I will look up and have the North Star guide me. You know, so I'm not lost in a random alley It has led me to.

"It, don't get too comfortable. I will have you."

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Life Revolves Around Candy

=O My mom would probably not like to admit my life revolves around candy but it's true. I remember one time, my mom was furious at me because of candy. I'm not going to tell you what happen though – I know, why bring it up when I'm not going to tell you. *shrugs*

Anyway, my life seems to revolve around candy. I have, more than once, posted a picture of candy. And, I just thought of something, for some reason, the candy always revealed some weird fact about me. Hmm . . .

Well, what really prompted me to blog today was the weather. The weather is just SO NICE! All, I want to do is lie out on the nonexistent grass and soak in the sun. But, I have indoor work I need to do . . .

Granted, it was only 51 degrees today but I was excited. I much prefer this weather than 90 degrees. Perfect weather for me is a warm day with a wind and a bright sun. I was always a Spring person. I can't imagine myself living somewhere where there were only two seasons. Firstly, I drive off change and spring is just full of change. You can't really predict the weather in Spring, especially in New England, where it has snowed in April. And also, Spring is a very hopefully and fresh season. Everything seems to start anew.

So, out of my happiness and against my self-dicipline (I still have it, so I have not completely lost self-dicipline), I bought this:

It's SUMMER flavor. o_O

I know, it's weird that I buy this flavor today, when it's just slightly warmer than usually. It's not like I buy this flavor everyday. In fact, this is my first time buying that flavor. It's weird. I'm not the kind to shy away from Starburst; in fact, I love Starbursts: my favorites being tropical flavors. I also like trying exotic candy. I've also seen these in store all the time; so, it's not like it's a new flavor. I just unconsciously decided I wanted it.

(Note: You can now label my posts. I'm not sure what it will do. But I'm assuming it will give me anonymous feedback on what people think my blog posts are. I will then try to use the feedback to keep my posts varied . . .)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Self-Dicipline

Fair WARNING: this post is extremely weird. People have given me the "you're crazy" look when I try to explain the following to them. Anyway, you have been forewarned, proceed with a wary mind.

Sometimes to understand an abstract concept I need to objectify it.

Meet my self-dicipline:

Yup, my self-dicipline is a 89¢ bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. The way I see it is that if I eat my bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, I will have no more Cadbury Mini Eggs or in other words, I have no self-dicipline. But by not eating the candy, I am actually self disciplining myself, and resisting something I really want. And, if the physical Cadbury Mini Eggs are not eaten then I also still have self-dicipline. Basically, I will tempt myself and carry around this bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs in my backpack. And, I will learn to ignore it's temptation and keep myself self-diciplined. I will also be self-diciplining my self not to buy on impulse random foods since what's the point of buying junk food when I already have it with me in my backpack. I'm just self-diciplining myself not to eat it. I have literally taken a abstract concept and objectified it.

Why? Well, recently, I have just been eating a lot of crap. I also have been procrastinating against my better judgement. This little stunt of mine will hopefully teach me the self-dicipline to stop myself from doing stuff I don't want to do.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Just Because I Miss It!

Our floor bulletin board at beginning of the school year.
(Stole pic from a friend's facebook.)

The Magic School Bus:

One of my favorite shows from my childhood!

I still remember the lyrics of the opening theme I learned as a third grader!
Cruising on down Main Street, you're relaxed and feeling good. Next thing that you know you're seeing OCTOPUS in the neighborhood!

Edit: After a quick imdb search, I found out it still shows Saturday mornings at 11:30AM on NBC. So tune in kiddos.  I know I will. I'm excited! I feel like a kid again. Waking up to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings . . . Nostalgic much? I guess I was always meant to be a science person . . . I also think a post dedicated to my awesome teachers is in order! The teachers who made a difference in my life. The teachers who taught me the foundations! . . .