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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Winter Break

In these four weeks, I want to be productive, not academic wise though. My definition of productive just means not lazing around and doing nothing.

So maybe, I will practice some piano. You know, at least try to accomplish my goal of mastering piano. I'll probably toss in some guitar playing too, for good measure – I only know a handful of chords so my guitar playing is very limited to easy and chords only songs.

Or maybe, I'll write. I haven't written a story since high school. I'm not in the least bit good at writing though. Hmm . . . if I do decide to write, I think I'll post it on this blog.

One thing for sure is that I will be reading books, watching movies, and pondering about my life.

All these things that I want to do is really just for me. They remind me of the five goals I made for myself during high school – I believe sophomore year, during myspace's prime. I wonder if they are still hidden on my myspace page.

Yes, they are. I just checked. =]

It's nice to find my myspace page exactly the way I left it. (It's the same feeling as coming home from college for the holiday break, and finding everything, like family and friendship dynamics, pretty much the same.) The plain original myspace layout is still intact along with my customization of the font colors. The blurbs, I wrote, are still there and unchanged. It's especially strange to read the blurbs. The blurbs are kind of like my high school self preserved in writing. It's sort of like Tom Riddle's diary in Harry Potter, except it's not a horcrux – can a blog be a horcrux? – and won't influence somebody else negatively, I hope. I guess that is what this blog eventually will be: a representation of college me. KooL! =]

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