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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Life Revolves Around Candy

=O My mom would probably not like to admit my life revolves around candy but it's true. I remember one time, my mom was furious at me because of candy. I'm not going to tell you what happen though – I know, why bring it up when I'm not going to tell you. *shrugs*

Anyway, my life seems to revolve around candy. I have, more than once, posted a picture of candy. And, I just thought of something, for some reason, the candy always revealed some weird fact about me. Hmm . . .

Well, what really prompted me to blog today was the weather. The weather is just SO NICE! All, I want to do is lie out on the nonexistent grass and soak in the sun. But, I have indoor work I need to do . . .

Granted, it was only 51 degrees today but I was excited. I much prefer this weather than 90 degrees. Perfect weather for me is a warm day with a wind and a bright sun. I was always a Spring person. I can't imagine myself living somewhere where there were only two seasons. Firstly, I drive off change and spring is just full of change. You can't really predict the weather in Spring, especially in New England, where it has snowed in April. And also, Spring is a very hopefully and fresh season. Everything seems to start anew.

So, out of my happiness and against my self-dicipline (I still have it, so I have not completely lost self-dicipline), I bought this:

It's SUMMER flavor. o_O

I know, it's weird that I buy this flavor today, when it's just slightly warmer than usually. It's not like I buy this flavor everyday. In fact, this is my first time buying that flavor. It's weird. I'm not the kind to shy away from Starburst; in fact, I love Starbursts: my favorites being tropical flavors. I also like trying exotic candy. I've also seen these in store all the time; so, it's not like it's a new flavor. I just unconsciously decided I wanted it.

(Note: You can now label my posts. I'm not sure what it will do. But I'm assuming it will give me anonymous feedback on what people think my blog posts are. I will then try to use the feedback to keep my posts varied . . .)

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