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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top of Photonics

This is my view right now from the eighth floor of the Photonics Center: 

You can see the Charles River, Prudential Center, Fenway Park, and the Sky! Click this link to see them better! =]
The Photonics Center is home to the BU's Electrical and Computer Engineering department and the majority of the engineering teaching rooms, along with a company on the sixth floor – I know, it's pretty random. Well, this semester I have been spending a lot of time studying in the upper levels of Photonics, and with a view like that why is this a recent development? The reasons I study on the upper levels of Photonics are yes, the view, and also because it's pretty deserted. I'm easily distracted, and if I study in places where I will encounter people I know, I pretty much will get nothing accomplished. I don't need silence to study though, although the upper levels of photonics are very quiet. I usually listen music. Strangely enough, music keeps me from getting distracted. I think it has to do with the fact that I need a stimulant that isn't work and if I don't have music playing, I will search for a stimulant through other means, i.e. surfing the web or procrastinating. So yeah, I thought I'd share my view with you.


Jen said...

I agree that you will be more determined to study if you go somewhere with a good view. :) And, distractions will not help you push through, so maybe a good view will do. :)

emily said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for the comment – I'm just getting around to it sorry. Call it laziness and busyness. And I agree, a view can do wonders! =] Hope you too have fabulous views when you study

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