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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time Lapse Video

I haven't abandon this blog. I promise. Just unfortunately haven't been updating as frequently! (Besides I would let you know if I did ever decide to stop blogging.) But today I do have something to blog. I made a time lapse video. (The convenience of me finishing this video yesterday and blogging about it today keeps me from hitting a monthly low of two posts.)

Well here it is:

Youtube description:

"Time lapse video of BU's new student center. I lived across the street from it as they were building it so I thought, "Hey, why not?!" So basically everyday as I walked to and from my dorm I took a quick photo with my iPhone camera.

I know the video is a little jumpy. That's because I didn't use a tripod and basically just guestimated where to take each photo with the tree as a reference point. But not bad for my first time lapse video, right?"

Now onto maybe an animated video: stop action or hand drawn. (Haha, I'm thinking about how the world I am gonna create a stop action video with zero skill in creating clay models. Maybe I will try hand drawn animation first since I slightly have more drawing skills than modeling skills.)

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