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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hello 2013.

I'm back in my on-campus apartment, back in Boston, and back to start another semester.

Break was nice. I did a lot of sleeping. I caught up with some of my high school friends. I've also applied to a couple of internships. And I even worked on a personal project: a light show. The light show is almost done: I've diligently built the display, wired the circuit, albeit sort of messy, and wrote a program to write code for me. So all that's left is to have the program I wrote write some nice sequences to display. It's been tedious work, especially the building of the display part, but I am happy with the results, however crude it is.

This semester will be a good one, I feel and think. So, I look forward to this semester. Well, I'm going to go relax some more: make sure I'm well rested -- I don't want to start this semester tired. =]

I'll leave you with a picture I took today of my prism doing it's job, that is separating white light into red light, orange light, yellow light, green light, blue light, indigo light, and a little bit of violet light.

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