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Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer in Boston: The Little things

When you walk across the bridge over a highway and hear a ringing hum you've never heard before, and look to see that it's just the sound padlocks make rattling along the fence when the wind blows.

Or when you read for an extended period in an open plaza, immersed in another's thought that you forget what your voice sounds like to the point that you don't say hi to a friend you see in the distance that hasn't seen you, since you forgot how to produce sounds.

Or when you jump when a leaf skitters across the sidewalk and you thought, for a second, it was a critter from the shadows that has come to claim you.

Or when you think you are just going across the street to the convenience store and end up halfway across campus without your phone, longing for it, since it's your only camera, and you've just rounded the corner to a perfect view of that supermoon.

Hmm, summer in Boston.

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