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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trying to get back to Blogging

Just a short blog post to get back in the habit of blogging. I think I've gotten into the habit of thinking that each post has to have a theme of sorts, that I shouldn't jsut ramble, try to add value to my post. But really, actually posting adds more value than holding back. So I'm just going to post regardless of if its comes off incoheisive.

So obesity is now classified as a disease by A.M.A. (American Medical Association). I don't know what I think about this. The discussion is all over the web if you want to join. What I'm more fixated on is the fact that one out of three Americans are obese. WHAT?! That's a crazy statistic. So high! Like think about if you were 1/3 shorter. That's a lot shorter right? I didn't realize obesity was such a problem. (Source: BU Today and links clicked from there).

It has to do with the way we eat. Americans don't really eat fresh or healthy.  I'm trying to keep myself healthy. I buy a lot of my produce from the farmers market, even tea! Ahh, yes, I've been going through a tea phase. Recently, I bought a few loose leaves all from local source. I didn't really want to deal with corporate Teavana. I'm coming to my own as to what kind of consumer I am.

I'm such a different person from when I was a freshman. I really can't believe I'm a senior. I've changed so much and I'm 21. I don't feel old, I actually feel the opposite. I've been hanging around with people older than I am and they are still at the beginning of their lives. That makes me even more at the beginning of my life, if there was such a thing.

The main difference between who I was before and who I am now is that I'm more alone. I don't try as hard to carry a conversation. I'm perfectly fine with silences during a conversation, I don't find them awkward. But yeah, I've become more of a loner as the years pass. But I don't think that's a bad thing.

(Some of these thoughts mentioned above might be elaborated in a future posts, and some might not.)

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