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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

When It Snows At Night

I ice skated home from campus today. . . I have to admit, it was fun to slip and slide on the sidewalks.

It's currently 1:27AM and I just got home. But the trip home was beautiful. The air was cold and crisp, and snow was in the air. A light, calm snowstorm had been progressing. There was also a layer of wet snow, turned liquid from all the consistent warm steps before mines, and then turned slushy-ice, because as the night gets later, the frequency of warm footsteps lessen. The sky was light-polluted white. And the streetlamps glowed orange. It was peaceful and relaxing.

Perhaps, it's because it was nostalgic.

I don't normally breathe in the cold, crisp, night air during a snow storm. But I used to. As a child, especially during the winter months, I enjoyed looking out my window into the night. Sometimes, it would snow, and other times it wouldn't. But usually, I would secretly open the window -- secretly because the ones in charge of the gas bill wouldn't be too happy if they knew I was wasting precious heat -- peer out it, and breathe in the cold air.

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