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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sitting Idly In Class

I'm in my EK 131 class, Gateway to Electric Guitar, right now and watching a movie about the connection between science and music; right now, in the movie, the fetus is reacting to the singing of Mary Had A Little Lamb (I personally quite like that song). Yup, I'm half watching the movie. It's actually a great listen though.

Anyways, today would be a day I deemed to be more productive than normal. I had a very helpful meeting with my writing professor, dropped off my helium tank for cutting, and received a pleasing grade in my calculus class. I should mention that no I am not making a dangerous weapon with the helium tank but rather a Hank drum, let's see how that works out.

Plans left for today: picking up free tickets to Boston Symphony Orchestra  (Will be doing that tomorrow), fixing my Charlie Card for the T that refuses to accept the money I deposited online onto it's balance, and normal everyday activities: dinner, homework, procrastination, etc.

Sorry, there is not much thought in this post, but my brain is tired and I much rather save whatever brain power left in my brain for the writing essay I have to write tonight. Adios! =]

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