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Monday, October 25, 2010

Why is writing such a difficult task?!

I don't know.

But here's a quick blog before I have to attend a Chem Review session and study intensely afterwards until 12AM for my 8AM Chem exam tomorrow morning. *Deep Breath In . . . And Out*

So, today, my second draft for my second paper in WR 100 was due.

I've been working on this essay for the longest time. And for some reason, I refuse to bullshit it. Granted, it still ended up crap; it was effort crap though. I am just such an incapable writer that I focus for long hours to write just one ehhh paragraph. My first draft was a MESS! Fortunately, after attending writing conferences (two of them!) with my professor, I was able to semi sort out my ideas. It turned out that I started out writing about the double in Dr. Jekyll but ended out writing about hypocrisy in Dr. Jekyll. You can say I was directionless. (. . . that kind of describes all attributes of my life.) Yeah . .  But the essay I think will be one of my better essays to date, if I can finish it correctly that is. It still needs A LOT of work!

Oh yeah! I wrote the following during small breaks as I was finishing the second draft this morning:

     Waking up early to write this essay.

     Distracted by Tswift.

     My professor is right! I'm sick of this essay. I can't look at it coherently anymore.

     It's just a blurrr.

     Such a blur that I can't even read it after the second draft is finished.

Yeah. . . the above is not that coherent but its interesting. =]

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