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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lego Watch

I did something either really stupid and childish or just plain childish: I had my mom get me a lego watch for my birthday – my birthday was last month but since I was away at college, nobody at home celebrated it. I just really wanted the lego watch. It reminds me of my childhood, my lego days. It's also colorful. The watch makes me happy, despite it being plastic and in some way a toy – it was sold in the toy section. LoL, I'm a flake.

Anyway, I like to have things on my wrists. I guess to weigh it down. *shrugs* Normally, I wear a watch on my right hand and a charmless Italian charm bracelet, popular in the early 2000s, on my left hand.  I've always worn a watch; I can recall wearing a watch everyday as early as second grade, seven years old. It was a pink Minnie Mouse watch. There was a period where I went through a new watch every year. My favorite during that period is a five dollar, light blue, Walmart watch with it's trademark happy face on the face of the watch. Although most of my old watches are lost, I do still have parts of most of the watch bands – my wrist is obnoxiously small so a part of the band always needs to be taken off.

The watch I currently wear is Tissot. I got it for my fourteenth birthday. I was really ungrateful about it too, let's just say it wasn't my ideal gift at the time. But that's the watch I wear everyday and I'm really grateful for it now. It's a Tissot watch, so that means it's automatic – no batteries needed – and the face, some sort of crystal glass, is scratch resistance. As of now, the watch band shows a lot of wear and tear but the face is still scratch-less. Even with the new lego watch, this watch will remain my everyday watch.

Sometime in high school, I noticed lefties wore their watches on their right hand and righties on their left. Therefore, I started wearing my watch on my right hand to go against the norm. I guess that's my inner desire to be unique kicking in.

Well, there you go, an impromptu blog of my watch history.

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