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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Goals. =]

I've never been very good at following goals and neither do I try. However, this summer I'm going to change that bit and make modest goals and put in a little more effort in accomplishing them.

Alright, here we go, my five goals:

1. Build a Lantern.
         I want to build a Floating Lantern. Similar to the ones you see in the movie Tangled. They are just so pretty! Here's an example of real life lanterns: a Lantern Festival in Taiwan – I won't embed the video to save space. But it's a short youtube video and well worth the watch. (You know, I want to attend a Lantern Festival sometime in my life.) I plan on making this lantern sometime in July or August. There's probably a fire code I will be breaking . . . But I'm not going to look it up, that way if I do set something on fire I can truthfully say I didn't know I wasn't allowed. Haha, my mom HATES when I play with fire.

2. Practice Piano.
         I can tell you that one of the saddest thing for a pianist or any player for that matter is to not be able to play something you once could. It's so depressing. But you know what, it's kind of easier relearning. And I will relearn! So this summer I have made a list of pieces I want to relearn with a few new pieces tossed in for good measure. You should join me! And it doesn't have to be piano. (Especially, You – we still need to finish our duet: Corpse Bride Piano Duet.)

3. Read/Write.
         I have this huge, long list of books I want to read eventually and my goal – I really just don't like the word goal – for the summer is to tackle part of the list. I know I won't accomplish reading all the books on my list. It's a long list . . . So if you want to join me in summer reading, please do. We can have book club-esque discussions. (I want to reread all seven Harry Potter books before the last movie. =[) Writing is something I enjoy and will do primarily here, on this blog. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with writing but for now, blogging is enough.

4. Complete a puzzle!
         I have already started this! I think this will be the first of my goals that will be finished. When I have a project with a concrete finish, I become immersed in it and determine to finish it. I noticed this when I completed projects for school. I have an ethnic where I must do a good job and also continue working on it until I no longer can,  sacrificing sleep among other things. I literally had to pry myself away from the puzzle last night. It's summer I shouldn't have to work into the next day. I will have a whole blog post on this as soon as I finish but here's a picture of what I have thus far:

5. Learn A Skill.
        I feel like it's an obligation of mine to learn a new skill this summer. I am a student and I love absorbing information. I really do. When I don't know something: I wikipedia it. I also feel like this skill should be somewhat related to my career direction: engineering. So I think this summer I will learn HTML web programming. Let's see how far I get on my own . . .

Alright there are my five goals! =] *FingersCrossed*

Btw, did you notice what time I posted this post? (Hint: Check the Google Icon for today's date.)

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