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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blogger Note!

Hello Spring Weather!!! =]

I would like to make a note, a blogger note:

New England didn't really have a winter this year: we kind of skipped winter altogether. It's currently 45 degrees, and the forecast is predicted to reach a high of 57. That's nearly 60 degrees! And February is a prime winter month! Even the predicted low, 39 degrees, is high. That's just about 40 degrees! So unusual! Wow! Having lived in New England my whole life thus far, I expect frigid weather in February. So this unexpected Spring weather puts me in such a GREAT mood. I wake up to a flowing, not at all frozen, Charles River. I dress warmer than needed only to be met by Spring weather! It's great! I love Spring weather best. It's fresh! Everything is renewed in Spring! The other day, even the ground felt like Spring, saturated with water as if the "snow" had all melted. The birds and squirrels are out. I pumped my bike tires, cleaned and opened the window. It is fabulous. I just can't stop gushing over the weather! =]

*Fingers Crossed that I didn't jinx the wonderful weather! =]

(Oh, degrees are all in Fahrenheit.)

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