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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

It's leap day! Yay! If you live say 100 years, that's 36,525 days! And only 25 of them are leap days! That's approximately 0.068% of the total days you hypothetically live. o_O I know! Do something awesome!

Well, my day hasn't been that exciting. I'm kind of exhausted! But nevertheless, it's leap day, and I can't not blog today. So what will grace this wonderful leap day post?

Well, it snowed today! I stuck my tongue out to catch snowflakes for the first time in the longest time, maybe years. Snowing, though, is very much typical February weather. Can you just imagine a weather forecaster trying to predict the weather today based on the past weather of leap days when there's only 25% of a normal day's data out there for forecasters to use? Oh, man, I can. I can just imagine him sitting there saying, "Ah, theres only been five leap days in the past twenty years. And most of this data is outdated, it doesn't take into account the climate acclimations of the recent years." Of course, forecasters don't predict weather based on what day it is. But can you just imagine? Okay, probably not, it's so unrealistic, but oh well.

So I am tired – that probably explains why I can imagine a forecaster predicting weather based on the day. I've slept very little this past couple of days, and when I did sleep, it was accidental, i.e. me just falling asleep out of exhaustion. But today's mostly over, and for the next day or two, I have moderate amount of work, so I get to catch up for my lack of sleep. It's kind of fitting, since today is the day Earth catches up with, well, time.

What else can I post?

Um, how about my current musical obsession? Lindsey Stirling! CHECK HER OUT! She's pretty talented and creative violinist. It's awesome! Here's one of my favorite: Electric Daisy Violin:

But really, check her other stuff out: LINK! She has dubstep, ZELDA, Lord of the Rings, Yiruma – just check her out.

Also here's a quick picture I snapped tonight:

I really tried to get something cool without traveling more than a block – I'm tired, remember. This was the best that I could do. It's more of showcase of how awesome cameras have gotten. This is only a phone camera, the iPhone 4's 5 megapixel camera, and already it's pretty impressive: I can see the rain droplets. Just imagine a professional camera. (I'm doing a lot of imagining right now.)

And a thought of the day: There's no doubt that our brains are incredibly smart. And there's definitely an unconscious. Something else besides conscious me is pulling the shots. I mean how else did I wake up today at 6AM without an alarm when I normally do not wake up that time, plus I was sleep deprived. I had accidentally fallen asleep last night without studying for my exam today or setting an alarm. And my brain woke up my conscious up at 6AM so I could study. I am impressed, Brain.

Well that's all I have to share. I can't really think of anything else interesting that I did today.

Happy Leap Day!

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