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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox!

It seems most of my blog posts lately have been about weather. But I promise you, I have other thoughts. Weather is just the least complicated and easiest to convey of the thoughts. This post will be quick though. I just want to get it in before midnight. And then I'll write a more thoughtful post. I've only blogged twice this month, and March is almost over. I need to get on it, if I want to meet my five post per a month minimum.

Today was very Spring. I like Spring very much. The weather is gorgeous. The students come out of hiding. And my university feels like a normal campus, not one that's in the city and go go go, but one where students are playing ball, lying on the grass, doing work outdoors, relaxing, and other outdoor college activities. It was really nice to see students out and about and all over our green spaces. I was amongst all that. Today actually reminded me of my childhood. The days where I would hurry home from school and rush through homework just so I could play outside. I didn't do homework, but I did sit through lectures into the afternoon. And when I was done, I convinced my friends to play outside with me. We tossed around a frisbee on the esplanade for a good amount of time. I even attempted a Matrix-like maneuver where my friend tossed the frisbee at my head and I snapped my head backwards to avoid it. It took a couple tries, but we got.

Again, Happy Spring! =]

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