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Monday, March 12, 2012

Awake at 5:20 AM

There's something about being awake at a time you normally aren't. You experience a whole different perspective. You wonder at the few people you see: are you always awake at this time? Are you working an early shift? Or are you heading on an adventure, like me? Even when I was pulling late nights with only two or three hours of sleep, I would be asleep at this time. So it feels weird, being awake and all. People always seem to want to leave proof when they are awake when others aren't. When I use to frequent a forum, we used take screenshots when we were the only ones online, which was rare, considering the international user base. But it still did happen. And then we have Facebook, where a very typically early morning status would be something along the likes of "why am I still awake?" I wonder how people expressed their need to leave proof they were awake when others weren't preinterwebs. Hmm . . .

So why am I awake? Well, I'm heading into Boston to catch a bus to New York. Yup, it's spring break. And I decided I needed a break! I work hard, not as hard as I can, but I do a lot. So I thought I deserved a break. =] Catch you on the flip side!

Post Script: There's something about the anonymity that public transpiration allows that I really like. Plus, I always feel so transcendental on the train. This will be a good trip! =]

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