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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bare Conductive Paint

Yesterday, I consciously ordered my first item from across the pond, London that is. £6.00, it was. I didn't realize until later that £6.00 is nearly $10. Oh well. I'm over it. 

So what is it that I ordered? And how much was shipping if it was from across the pond?

I ordered conductive paint from Bare Conductive. It's essentially paint-on wire. Cool, right? I have a project in mind where thin is a huge criteria, so I thought why not? Plus, conductive paint looks so cool and useful. If I don't use it for the project I currently have in mind, which I shall not describe, since I might not actually do it, I can always use the conductive paint on a different project. It'd be great for arts and crafts! Haha, I think it was money well spent. The best part? Free worldwide shipping! =]

Also, while we are talking about my spending, I would like to make a note about a hopefully lifelong investment I recently made. I splurged on a new bike. I basically spent my entire summer earnings on this bike. How much? Approximately equivalent to the cost of one month of a twenty-something year old's car insurance. Yeah, I know, it's a lot for a bike. But I like it really much and it rides really well. It's a really nice hybrid kind of bike with an aluminum frame, which means it's really light, snappy, and quick. I'm just really happy about it, but have held back about blogging about it because I felt semi guilty for spending that much money. But you know what? Judge me as you will. I'm happy with my pricey purchase.

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