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Friday, December 28, 2012

I think . . .

I think my lack of posting has to do with several things:

1: I don't find the need to post a lot about my daily activities. I will occasionally, but it's not gonna be several posts straight. 2: Posting about weather is mundane to read. 3: I've realize that I understand and know very little about the world, or anything. And when you understand so little and wonder so much, there's not much to write about except questions. I don't think a blog post full of questions and few answers is sufficient post. But I may have to start doing that or else my monthly post count will continue to dwindle. 4: I don't run into interesting things worthy of sharing. Like songs and phrases and stuff. Everything I've been encountering lately hasn't really stroke a chord with me. And 5: It's difficult to articulate my inner thoughts. So unless I have lots of time, I just don't write about them.

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