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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SNAP Challenge | Day 10

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Day 10! With each day, there's just a little extra step in my bounce, especially since this is the most lax and least mind-consuming part of my day.

First of, I went to Whole Foods to spend the last of my budget and a tiny bit more. I bought two more  small crowns of broccoli and a zucchini, which cost a total of $2.27. Add that to $58.40 from last week and I'm at $60.67. Not bad. Given that I still have food in the fridge, I am super confident that I will finish this challenge in good shape without having to compromise food quality or consumption quantity due to lack of food.

For breakfast, there was none. I had another tight schedule and I ate a small brunch consisting of an omelet and rice. For dinner, I decided on a broccoli, pork, and pasta dish. It was good; I'm content and full. =] Everything is going swell. (Can you tell? I got a lot of work accomplished today, still more to do, but you know it feels good to accomplish things.)

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