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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SNAP Challenge | Day 4

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Day 4. Alright. So today is the first time I had to turn down food. I volunteered at the engineering career fair and when I was offered breakfast, I inconspicuously said I had already ate: I had cereal and almond milk again. It's quick and easy. I did know that I would have to turn down food during this challenge. But it has dawn upon me that I will have to do it more often than I expected; all because, I can't keep any dates straight in my head and didn't realize how many events were happening these two weeks. Eating food has become such a social event. (More about turning down food in a future post.)

Today was a very long day for me. And it's still going on with tonight probably being even longer, hopefully not an all-nighter. So it was such a relief to come home and cook. I've come to realize that cooking is such a stress-free break, kind of like cleaning. I don't feel bad at all taking time out of my super busy schedule to cook. It feels great, actually. After you eat, you feel full and content and happy and ready to do more work! Yeah! (Okay, I'm not sure about that last part about work, maybe it's true or maybe I'm just trying to keep myself optimistic for tonight.)

Anyway, for lunch, I had a very protein heavy meal: rice and soy-sauce marinated pork chop. But that protein did me well! I did not feel hungry at all until now: 7:15PM. I did have tea along the way. But I don't think that's significant.

And for dinner, I thought I balance my day out with zucchini scrambled in eggs. This is one of my go to meals. My family, or maybe just me, enjoys scrambling our vegetable melons (cucumber, zucchini, etc.) with eggs. I like it; It was good.

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