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Monday, November 08, 2010

I'm Rather Upset that I'm a Failing Blogger

Why is it that I never blog about the interesting events I run into.

Like my trip to Cambridgeside Galleria yesterday where a police cross-guard directed cars into pedestrians crossing the Street.

Or the T ride back from Galleria where the T was malfunctioning at Lechmere and we had to wait forever for a operating T that was overstuffed with people and a woman threatening to stab someone with her pen and Me almost nearly not making it off the T.

Or about the Smoots the Massachusetts Ave. Bridge is measured in.

Or getting abandoned at Guitar Center and having to make my way back alone.

Or Critical Mass with my RA.

Or my ban from Facebook for a week.

Or the wonderful Boston skyline at night, I see biking back from work.

Or teaching my friend how to ride a bike at Harvard University.

Or my adventures at Harvard Square.

Or our security guards that don't accept passports as IDs.

Or the common room, we decorated for Halloween.

Or going out for dinner to Dick's Last Resorts in our Halloween costumes.

Or my elbow that probably will be bruised from hitting the elevator button.

Or that KooL wall that is completely dry erase.

Or our elevators shelf filled with liquor bottles.

Or my amazing floormates on the W.I.S.E. Floor.

Or the fact that there are two pairs of birthday buddies on my floor.

Or bingo event where there was a long line to get in.

Or the thoughts I think about my directionless life.

Or any of the other interesting things I've experienced.


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i like how this post is written in a style completely different from your other posts it adds nice variety

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