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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Ideas

I wasn't going to make goals this summer. I wanted to just make things. But then I had too many ideas in a short period of time, while at the same time not working on any of those ideas. So now I have a list of ideas to share on my blog and possibly bring to life this summer.

First, I want to make some sort of automated server, similar to the Japanese tea robots back in the tea ceremony days of 18th century Japan. I think I will go the electrical route though as oppose to the mechanical route. A friend of mine is interested in the idea, so we will probably work on this together and see where we get.

Second, I want to make a clock. This is a kind of a personal project. Somehow, I convinced myself that if people from centuries back could make a clock, then I, with a 21st century mind, should have no problem making a clock. Hah! We will see emily. Once I get the mechanical aspects of the clock to work, I do have some 21st century electrical ideas to complement it. In my mind, it already looks great! =]

Third, I want to make an iPhone/iPod touch app. Another one of my friends has also showed interest in this project. However, this idea is still in its infancy. I don't really have an idea for an app yet and I'm not sure if my friend has an idea or not. There's also a programming issue. I can program but by no means am I a strong programmer. I don't know yet if this project is out of our league or not.

Fourth, I have a portfolio webpage that I need to fix up. I've been thinking of just heading to the university library and using Dreamweaver to fix it up.

Finally, maybe, just maybe, I might give that floating lantern another try . . .

(Please don't mind the naiveness of all this. I'm still young . . .)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pixar's Secret's . . .

So this has been making the rounds on the interweb. It's a list of 22 story basics a Pixar story board artist, Emma Coats, learned from her peers at Pixar and her own trials. I found the list interesting, so I thought I would share it as well. The version making the rounds on the web though is more visually, and has a tell-all aura to it. I like the first version I linked better though. It feels more personal and less assertive. I've already said too much. Just check the list out, any version, and let me know what you think! =]

(You already know how excited I am for Pixar's new movie, so I won't mention it. Oh wait! 8])

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fan Sketches

I'm much more of a movie person than a television person. But there are shows I tune in to watch when a new episode is on. (I'm so old fashion, I don't particularly like streaming things. It's not the same as waiting for an episode at some specific time. Yes, I know, time is precious. And it does suck being left on a cliffhanger for a week. But you know . . .)

So what do I watch on television? Basically two things, now one though, since the other one is no longer on. The one that is no longer on is the Boston Celtics (basketball team). They unfortunately lost in a painful game 7 to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. They are no longer in contention for the NBA Finals. I know, sad face. =[ Just one game short of making it to the Finals. Oh well. (I missed the first game of the best of 7 series of the NBA Finals: OKC Thunders vs. Maimi Heat, but I am definitely cheering for the OKC Thunders. I DO NOT want the Heat to win.)

So what is the other thing I watch? Avatar the Last Airbender: Legend of Korra.

Remember this post? Well, let me just say Legend of Korra is living up to its predecessor. Every episode leaves me wanting more and more and more! The episodes are only half an hour long, and right now, I feel there are so many things unanswered. The characters aren't as likable as the first series though. Don't get me wrong, these characters are great, there's just not a character I love. Whereas from the first series, I loved multiple characters, with Zuko being my favorite.

Well . . . that was a long intro. What I really wanted to get at is that I watch a lot of animation. It's my favorite film medium. This month especially, I will/have been watching a lot of animation: The Legend of Korra has been airing weekly and its finale is this later month and the opening of Disney•Pixar's Brave is also this month. So today while I was sitting in on a Mechanics II (Dynamics) lecture – I'm not actually enrolled in the course, just being ambitious and sitting in – I decided to sketch characters from these two media. I actually rarely "draw" outside of lectures. Something about lectures makes me want to "draw." (I actually don't really know how to draw. My proficiency in drawing is solely at the doodler's level. =])

First up is a sketch of Merida from Disney•Pixar's Brave. She is the fire-red haired, spunky princess and heroine of the film. Although, you can't tell any of that from the my black and white doodle. I really do suggest clicking on the link in the caption. I haven't actually seen the film yet, but I have high expectations and am so excited to see it in a couple of weeks. 
I referenced this promotion art here. I really do recommend you check it out. The art from this film is great!
Next, the character I miss the most in Legend of Korra, Aang. Zuko may have been my favorite character, but Aang was the show. Aang is in Legend of Korra but only in flashbacks and in an older form. Here I've drawn them both. When I first saw older Aang, I was shocked, "no, this can't be Aang." But Older Aang has really grown on me, especially his facial hair. He really does embody what Aang would look like when older. 

I've drawn 12-years-old Aang before, so I just drew him here from memory. Older Aang, however, I did reference an image from the inter web. (LoL 12-years-old Aang needs a bigger cranium, and Older Aang's eyes are crooked.)

(Post Script: I was going to not mention it: my not blogging in forever, because I have no good reason for not blogging. I even composed draft posts, which I just did not post because I didn't like them. But I want to link to Neil Gaiman's commencement speech. So I will tell you how I came to this post. Basically in Mechanics lecture, I decided to write a blog post. Again, I struggled for no good reason. So I told myself what Gaiman told the graduates: "Make good Art!" LoL I am not saying any of this is good art. But it did help me overcome my inability to post. So maybe if you are ever in a slump, try his advice. It doesn't have to be drawing, it can be anything creative or expressive. Also, here's a good cartoon by Gavin Aung Than of Gaiman's advice. CHECK IT OUT!!!! =])