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Monday, March 28, 2011

Plasters Make Me Happy!

I guess that doesn't sound quite as right as "bandaids make me happy" but they mean the same thing! =]


My head is heavy, I'm zoning out, yet I feel no need to sleep even though I want to. I very much desire to sleep 24 hours straight but atlas I cannot. I believe I have homework in all my classes! What homework shall I do? I don't know. But my essay needs to be written ASAP and I guess my physics and MATLAB and calculus homework needs to be done as well. I'm yawning. Why am I writing in such a weird voice. It must be the lack of sleep. Or maybe it's because I've been reading Dracula and it's diary-like style is rubbing off on me. I'm feeling very passive.

Agh. I have been really unhealthy today. I don't think I ate a proper meal – not that there are proper meals in the dining hall if I had decided to go down to eat.

The television is on and my roommate is asleep and I'm just sitting here.

I don't know. 

Well,  I will now go shower. 

Postscript: I just thought of something. I lied. I will not be posting my story idea until gawd knows when. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

One Week!

Why is it that, on break, I can barely stay up past 1AM but then during the academic year, I am fine –as in I could pull it off– sleeping at 3AM and waking up at 8:30AM (I have a 9AM class)? Could I still be sleep deprived, even though, I slept past noon everyday of this week thus far? I don't know. All I do know is that I managed to hibernate pretty well this break, aka do nothing. So, I better be ready to work hard until the end of the academic year.

Remember the story I started last break, Riding the T? Well, I'm not going to finish it. I've come to the conclusion that I don't write stories. I don't think I have the skill or attention span to write a story. What I will do, though, is write an idea or part of a story. That way, I can constantly explore new ideas. Actually, I have an idea on my mind right now. I'll write it down soon. (I also just might shine a light on past ideas that I've never initiated the writing process . . . Hmm, it's a possibility.)

Also, I've realized that when I'm "procrastinating," um . . . "wasting time," I'm usually on the interwebs. I'm an avid wikipedia reader and I enjoy reading all sorts of random blogs: news, technology, friends, entertainment, sports, celebrities, etc. and I love watching youtube videos and playing Tetris. Oh, and let's not forget my addiction to social networks like facebook and aim (Yes, I still use aim). None of this really benefits me though. And, the time period sans-internet was really not too terribly long ago. My parents, after-all, lived a good amount of years internet-less and they turned out great. So wait, does this mean I'll be MUCH more productive if the internet didn't exist? Or will I still insist on procrastinating and lug myself to the library and read the encyclopedia? You laugh, but I wouldn't put it past myself. I was an AP, advanced procrastination, student. I would do anything to procrastinate, plus, I use to read the almanac when I was younger. Experiment, emily? No internet, except email checking and blackboard and school related stuff and emergencies (facebook withdrawals is not an emergency). =O This will probably not go well. Oh well. Starting now? Yup! =]

Ahhhh, I'm super tired. Good Night! And hopefully, be back in a week with a story idea.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh T!

This is just a quick update. I was kind of planning something monumental for the first post of March but this will do. I'll plan a monumental post for the first day of Spring for sure.

Anyway, I have been SO BUSY. It's ridiculous. I don't even know why I've been busy either. It's just a regular college course load. It's not like I'm taking an extra class or working twenty hours a week. School work, I guess just takes me a while.

But yeah, Spring break starts now! And, I will be spending that time hibernating – You know, recuperating from the lack of sleep and pondering what to do with my life for this summer.

And um . . .

The inspiration behind the name of this blog is two events that happened on the T since the last time I posted. Basically there was one occasion where the T system was messed up and Ts were legit moving in the opposite directions of their usual direction. The Green line was also not making its full route, meaning I could only take the Green line halfway back to BU. The mbta offered a bus replacement, but I wasn't going to try to cram myself into a bus that I know will not hold the usual load of the Green line. I opted to walk back despite the freezing temperature. The second ocassion is when I saw people performing acrobatics on the Red line, I could totally see that happening in a film or music video. I, however, was totally not expecting to see it in real life! It was kooL. =]

Also, check out the cross-Boston adventure my floormates and I had:

!7.6 miles! =]