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Friday, December 31, 2010

So, let me explain the last post . . .

Okay, the last post is not about my life or my thoughts.

It is the beginning of a story that I will hopefully finish writing. *knock on wood* This break, I told myself I was going to write regardless of the fact that I suck at writing. So, that post is what I came up with. The story itself isn't plotted, but I do have a few major events I want to hit and a few characters developed.

Why my fascination with writing? I think it's just one of those things I've always wanted to do but failed at doing. I've never finished any of the stories I've started outside of school. *knock on wood* But I guess, writing is also creating. It's not creating a physical object, but creating an idea, a story. And, that's what I want to do with my life. I want to create.

I've always wanted to be a creator – okay, not always. But starting in fifth grade, I wanted to be a creator. Actually, the term I used in fifth grade was inventor. But that year was when I started to become really interested in engineering, which is the creating aspect of science. I attended engineering camp/workshops, bought do it yourself engineering kits, and amassed random tools and parts. I have a solar panel somewhere in my drawer. Even the toys I played with were related to creating. I played with K'nex and legos. I remember fondly the ferris wheel I built out of K'nex. So basically, engineering was what I determined I wanted to do with my life. Well, that was until I took AP Physics my junior year of high school. I hated the class and thought if I hate physics, I can't be an engineer cause that's what engineers do, they apply physics. And, what better time to lose focus of what I wanted to do with my life than the year of college applications. I was deeply lost. I was so unsure of what I wanted. I was bouncing around all different majors, from music to english to film, while at the same time rejecting anything medical or law related. On all my applications to college, I was undecided until, the very last month before applications were due, December. I took a shower – that's where I think best – and realized I wasn't going to let one class, AP Physics, ruined years of devotion to engineering. And engineering was a combination of what I liked, creativity, and what I'm good at, mathematics. So I applied Undecided Engineering. And that was the state of mind I was in, when I entered college.

In a way, I feel I'm still lost. Although, I do know I want to be an engineer, I do not know what field of engineering. But, I am starting to find my way . . .

Wow, I didn't expect to write so much about engineering. Yeah . . . So anyways, my blog will now play host to random stories as well as random whatever else I've been and will be posting.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Riding The T

Elmira was a traveler. Well, that was what she told me when she introduced herself to me. It wasn't until much later, though, did I find out she was – well, I'll tell you later. But right now, all that's important is that you know she loved to travel and she, very much, was, indeed, a traveler.

Anyway, November 28th, 2010.

Elmira stepped onto the T – that's what they call the subway in Boston – and found an empty spot to stand. There were no empty seats, but it didn't mattered, she was not one who liked to sit. It was rush hour and Elmira wondered why she picked such a busy time to visit her friends at BU. Oh that's right, she remembers, her friends at Harvard had insisted they go to  L.A. Burdick for hot chocolate. There was always a line at that place, especially on a frigid November day. She was supposed to meet her friends at BU, at 2pm. It was now 4pm. To get to BU,  she had to take the red line inbound to Park St. and then transfer onto the B line of the four green lines and head outbound until one of the multiple BU stops. Her friends were at the GSU (George Sherman Union) so she would get off at the Boston University Central stop.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!!


(This is a much belated Happy Ramadan.)

I really do hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Be Happy!

My family spent our Christmas eve making pretzels. Mmmmm! Enjoy them, virtually. =]

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mickey's Ten Commandments

As I started to, finally, read my ginormous Imagineering Book, as appose to looking at the pictures, I came across Mickey's Ten Commandments. Marty Sklar, a retired Disney Imagineering Legend, coined these sometime during his years at Disney. I think these are pretty good – of course, being an unworldly college freshmen, I know nothing of what really is good.

So, without further ado, Mickey's Ten Commandments:

1. Know your audience
Identify the prime audience for your attraction or show before you begin the design.

2. Wear your Guests' shoes
Insist that your team members experience your creation just the way Guests do it.

3. Organize the flow of people and ideas
Make sure there is a logic and sequence in your stories, and in the way Guests experience them.

4. Create a wienie (visual magnet)
Create visual "targets" that lead visitors clearly and logically through your facility.

5. Communicate with visual literacy
Make good use of all the non-verbal ways of communication – color, shape, form, texture.

6. Avoid overload – create turn ons
Resist the temptation to overload your audience with too much information and too many objects.

7. Tell one story at a time
Stick to the story line; good stories are clear, logical, and consistent.

8. Avoid contradictions – maintain identity
Details in design or content that contradict one another confuse an audience about your story or the time period it takes place in.

9. For ever ounce of treatment, provide a ton of treat
In our business, Walt Disney said, you can educate people – but don't' tell them you're doing it! Make it fun!

10. Keep it up! (maintain it)
In a Disney park or resort, everything must work! Poor maintenance is poor show.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas . . .

The christmas tree is up in the living room. There are presents under the tree and the house is decorated in festive lights. There's even a barely there layer of snow covering some of the yard.

But, it definitely doesn't feel like christmas.

Also, Lowell's great christmas tree isn't up this year. =[ I wonder why? Google is your friend emily. Here's the Lowell Sun article. Sigh, when will our economy get out of this slump. Here's a pic I found online of the missing christmas tree.

Credit kittell

At least the rest of the lights are still present.

Credit Harkins Photo Blog

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On a Side Note

I always like to get myself a gift for Christmas – wrapped and addressed to myself from myself. However, this year it will be a belated gift. So instead of a Christmas gift, it will be a welcome to Semester 2 of college gift. Haha. =] But yeah, I think I'm going to get myself a grape soda pin from Pixar's Up.

You know, so I will always be reminded to explore and go on adventures and keep in mind what really matters in my life. =]

This Winter Break

In these four weeks, I want to be productive, not academic wise though. My definition of productive just means not lazing around and doing nothing.

So maybe, I will practice some piano. You know, at least try to accomplish my goal of mastering piano. I'll probably toss in some guitar playing too, for good measure – I only know a handful of chords so my guitar playing is very limited to easy and chords only songs.

Or maybe, I'll write. I haven't written a story since high school. I'm not in the least bit good at writing though. Hmm . . . if I do decide to write, I think I'll post it on this blog.

One thing for sure is that I will be reading books, watching movies, and pondering about my life.

All these things that I want to do is really just for me. They remind me of the five goals I made for myself during high school – I believe sophomore year, during myspace's prime. I wonder if they are still hidden on my myspace page.

Yes, they are. I just checked. =]

It's nice to find my myspace page exactly the way I left it. (It's the same feeling as coming home from college for the holiday break, and finding everything, like family and friendship dynamics, pretty much the same.) The plain original myspace layout is still intact along with my customization of the font colors. The blurbs, I wrote, are still there and unchanged. It's especially strange to read the blurbs. The blurbs are kind of like my high school self preserved in writing. It's sort of like Tom Riddle's diary in Harry Potter, except it's not a horcrux – can a blog be a horcrux? – and won't influence somebody else negatively, I hope. I guess that is what this blog eventually will be: a representation of college me. KooL! =]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Should Just Sleep

I haven't blogged in awhile, and its not because I haven't done anything interesting. In fact, I've done many interesting things since I've last blogged, including going to the Boston Commons tree lighting, watching Tangled again, going to the Boston Ballet, which was AMAZING, going to a BU vs. BC hockey game, pulling my first all nighter while averaging  4 hours of sleep for the three days prior to that, followed by 16 hours of SLEEP, writing letters to ambassadors for women rights, exploding bottles with dry ice, trekking out in the rain as a superadventurer with Devon to watch the wonderful Angelina Jolie and equally wonderful Johnny Depp in The Tourist, and just having a grand time with my floormates.

The reason I haven't blogged probably is because I'm just really tired, lazy, and busy, mainly lazy. Right now, by blogging, I am procrastinating. AHHHH! I'm so unproductive. I really need to start on my MECH-E project too. And this exam week is daunting. I've like already planned my entire week, when and what subject I'll be studying. I highly dislike planning stuff. It's so unlike me.

I also want some real food, dining hall food no longer counts as real food. Actually, I just want some simple home cooked food . . . Even plain white rice sounds good right now.

Also, I still pretty much don't know what type of engineering I want to major in. I haven't given much thought to it either . . .

I am having an awesome time in college, but right now, I really need to just focus and stop being a lazy bum!

Friday, December 03, 2010

So Excited!

I am eating POMEGRANATE!!!!! So excited!

Look at them! Don't they look so good. I totally spent an hour peeling (is that the word?) them into a bowl! =]

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Blank Blog

I feel the need to blog. But, I haven't anything to say.

Thursday, November 25, 2010



I do hope everyone is enjoying their break, regardless if you celebrate the holiday or not. It's good to take a breather sometimes and just relax.

Well, it's been a weekish since I last posted. Hmm . . . what have I been up to? Well, for one I've seen both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I and Tangled! I enjoyed both movies very much! I think Tangled might have been the better movie! I know, I'm such a Benedict Arnold.

The midnight experience for Harry Potter was amazing though! And watching Harry Potter with fans is always great. The movie was very much catered toward fans and if you never read the books you would be utterly confused. But the movie did do a good job with the parts it did do. The Boston Common Loews theater was also VERY nice!

The amc theater I watched Tangled in, however, was not pleasant at all. It was small and dingy and not well designed. It also made me realize and appreciate how nice my home theater was. There also wasn't a choice of nonbuttered popcorn. The only reason I went to watch Tangled at that particular amc is because my sisters had free tickets to watch Tangled there. Tangled was such a great movie. The trailer made the movie look very superficial and gave very little insight on what the movie was actually about. Tangled turned out to be very deep, musical, modern, cute, and enjoyable! Overall, a well-crafted movie; Props to Disney. Tangled has also made its way onto my favorite Disney movies list—a list I really should blog about.

Between watching Harry Potter and Tangled, I went to the Boston Symphony Hall to watch the Boston University Symphony Orchestra celebrate violinist Roman Totenberg 100th birthday and to the Boston Public Library to get my library card—it's orange!

Also I've been thinking of . . .

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Almost There"

"Almost There" is a song from The Princess and the Frog, composed by Randy Newman and sung by Anika Noni Rose, the voice actress for Princess Tiana. Here's my favorite verse:
I remember Daddy told me: "fairytales can come true; you gotta make them happen, it all depends on you." So, I work real hard each and every day. Now, things for sure are going my way. Just doing what I do, look out boys, I'm coming through.
I find myself singing along to this song way to often – maybe for inspiration?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Freezing For Inspiration!

Upon leaving office hours, I was determined to organize my final WR 100 essay. I left around 2:20pm and it is now 3:40pm.

I have now sat for over an hour, in my new favorite "study area" – To romanticize it, I will call it Inspiration Zone. I won't tell you where it's located because part of its wonder is its quiet, as Boston can be, and solitude atmosphere. But I will say it's outside and also not too hard to find. I didn't particularly set out to find this place, but I'm glad I found it.

After an hour, I have brainstormed and organized my essay. So sitting in this frigid, Fall, November, Boston weather proved to be way more helpful and cozy than stuffy, warm, Warren Tower.

I think I see a college tour(s?). Well, time for me to head back and start typing my essay. I would type it now but I lack a laptop – I will be sure to bring it next time. Also, the overheated 15th floor sounds nice right now; I am freezing. I wonder if I'll be able to sit here when snow arrives.

- - - - -

Yeah, I wrote the above while I was still outside and now several hours later, I have yet to start my essay. Also, I now realize it's not my final essay, I have a reflection essay after that.

The reason I have yet to start my essay is that I took an adventure with my NooB, Priya. We went to get tea - I forget what kind – at the tea club. We then had a very intellectual and stimulating conversation with the other tea club members. This was my first time going to the tea club and I enjoyed it.

Next, Priya showed me the library. I know I'm a loser, who has never been inside my school library yet. It's not very welcoming so it's not my fault. Okay, it is my fault. Strangely enough, I don't think I will be going back anytime soon.

Oh, did I mention the one cup of the tea I had has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee! I drink neither coffee or soda so this will be an interesting night!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is such a cute picture of them: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint! I am so excited for part 1 of the last Harry Potter movie! Btw, this is stolen from my friend's blog. You should read her blog, it's filled with insanely cute posts!

I'm ADDICTED to awkward!!!

Today has been a good day - okay, it would be better if I finished my outline for WR 100 but I still have time. Anyways, I went to the goodwill store for the first time! It was so interesting. They had really kooL stuff there, like records and cassettes and VHS tapes. I'm so disappointed in myself for never going into a goodwill store until now. My floormates and I also went into a gaming store and they had ALL sorts of board games! It was equally amazing as the goodwill store.

And finally, I bought Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits, for the second time! 

They are so awkward! Like when you eat them. Weird. And yet, I bought it a second time. I think I'm addicted to awkward things. It's just so awkward on your tongue! The first time I bought them, I shared them with my writing class and this time with my floor. It's just such an awkward taste that I want everyone to experience its awkwardness. My roommate, however, refused to try it. But everyone else tried them and can testify to its awkwardness. As my floormate Kate said "Emily, I never believed something could taste awkward until now." Haha! =]

J. K. Rowling

Oprah Interviews J. K. Rowling

Gosh, I love this woman!

Also, from the internet:
Question: Do you still have the napkins that you wrote the first book on? 
J.K. Rowling responds: I'm giggling...where did you read that? I didn't write on napkins; I wrote in notepads. We really need to squash this myth before people ask to see the used tea bags on which I drafted the first book!
LoL, I need to tell this to Anastasia soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I ended up on youtube.

And they are streaming the premiere of the seventh Harry Potter Film live! I do not have the self-dicipline to stop myself from watching. So now, instead of doing my Chem Lab, I am watching eagerly for someone to interview J.K. Rowling - btw she looks marvelous. Everyone's british accents are to die for. It's strange to watch a premiere - none of them look comfortable with the rapid flashing of cameras. The three lead look fabulous though. I wonder if Emma Watson has a Calculus Exam tomorrow like I do?

If I could meet any one person, it would be either J.K. Rowling or Angelina Jolie. I have so much respect for J.K. Rowling. She is extraordinary! I always consider writing a fan letter to her. . .

*Sigh* I have to force, more like DRAG, myself to go to class at 2pm. You can expect a lot more Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling post coming soon though!

(Update: It's 1:49pm, J.K. Rowling is speaking, I can be late.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes. . .

. . .  I feel like I am becoming more of an introvert, with each passing day. But then again, I love interacting with people. It's just such a weird thought: emily an introvert. Like a tingle crawls down my back when the words roll off my tongue, as if the words weren't meant to be said together - Although, I am sure there is an Emily, which is such a common name, that is an introvert somewhere in this world. Hmm. . . I think I'm more of an ambivert. A balance between an extrovert and an introvert. *shrugs* I don't know.

emily an introvert - bleh - so strange. 

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What A Fine Nice Little Quotation:

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

I know I wasn't born great so hopefully one of the latter two options happen to me. Hopefully. *Fingers Crossed*

Anyways, guess the origin of this quotation? Click "Read More" for answer! =]

Monday, November 08, 2010

My Mind's A MESS!

So yeah, since I've gotten to University, I've done a lot of things, most of which I would like to blog about but probably will never blog about since I'm not a strong blogger (or for that matter, writer,) and it would take a lot of time to blog it all. (You get a glimpse of some of those things in the last post.) So, I select and choose what I blog. Sometimes, it's the most interesting thing I can think of and sometimes it's just the most easiest and quickest thing to blog about.

Today's topic is movies!!! I've watched a good amount of movies since I've been here, more so than I did at home. So enjoy my movie talk! (I don't critique.)


So let's start off with the first, and so far only, movie I saw at the Fenway Regal Theater with my floor-mates very early on in the semester; I don't even think classes had started. But let me check. *Looks for ticket stub* Oh, bummer, I can't find it. I must have taken it home and put it with my collection of ticket stubs. So the movie I saw was Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Basically, we just wanted to see a movie. I had not even heard of the movie when my floor-mates suggested to see it. But, I did promptly watch the trailer and tagged along and enjoyed the movie. The movie was about a young man, in a rock band, who "falls in love" with a girl with 7(I think that was the number) deadly exes out to get him. The movie was presented like a video game where the term "KO" would appear when he defeated an ex, earn coins and lives and the such. I thought that was unique; it's the first movie I've seen presented that way. It was one of those movies that you throughly enjoyed and like but most likely will not have a itch to see it again but you never know.

Since this is a long post, I will be adding a page break here, so click on to read more! =]

I'm Rather Upset that I'm a Failing Blogger

Why is it that I never blog about the interesting events I run into.

Like my trip to Cambridgeside Galleria yesterday where a police cross-guard directed cars into pedestrians crossing the Street.

Or the T ride back from Galleria where the T was malfunctioning at Lechmere and we had to wait forever for a operating T that was overstuffed with people and a woman threatening to stab someone with her pen and Me almost nearly not making it off the T.

Or about the Smoots the Massachusetts Ave. Bridge is measured in.

Or getting abandoned at Guitar Center and having to make my way back alone.

Or Critical Mass with my RA.

Or my ban from Facebook for a week.

Or the wonderful Boston skyline at night, I see biking back from work.

Or teaching my friend how to ride a bike at Harvard University.

Or my adventures at Harvard Square.

Or our security guards that don't accept passports as IDs.

Or the common room, we decorated for Halloween.

Or going out for dinner to Dick's Last Resorts in our Halloween costumes.

Or my elbow that probably will be bruised from hitting the elevator button.

Or that KooL wall that is completely dry erase.

Or our elevators shelf filled with liquor bottles.

Or my amazing floormates on the W.I.S.E. Floor.

Or the fact that there are two pairs of birthday buddies on my floor.

Or bingo event where there was a long line to get in.

Or the thoughts I think about my directionless life.

Or any of the other interesting things I've experienced.


Sunday, November 07, 2010

"SOOOOO BRIGHT!" I gasped.

Haha, while I was trying to put convenience points, aka money, on my BU ID, I looked out my window and saw this:

It's an oh so bright sunset. So bright and full of energy. (Yes there is writing on my window, a floormate put it up, it's about Nerd Fighters I believe. You can ignore it.)

After I finished putting convenience points on my BU ID, I look back up and exclaimed with a frown, "Where the brightness go?!"

Here now was my view:

I guess there is still some light, but it was not as bright as earlier.

And now, as I near the end of this blog, I receive only a strip of light, pink and orange:

And soon there will be no light and and the dark night sky will take over. What a wonder the sky is; such an amazing part of this world. I really enjoy watching the sky display her wonderful array of colors. Too bad, I don't do it often enough. I especially enjoy watching the night sky, especially the shining stars that light up my inside and inspire me with pure inspiration.

I will end this post with this simple nursery rhyme:

"Star Light, Star Bright,
First Star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the Wish I wish tonight."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why is writing such a difficult task?!

I don't know.

But here's a quick blog before I have to attend a Chem Review session and study intensely afterwards until 12AM for my 8AM Chem exam tomorrow morning. *Deep Breath In . . . And Out*

So, today, my second draft for my second paper in WR 100 was due.

I've been working on this essay for the longest time. And for some reason, I refuse to bullshit it. Granted, it still ended up crap; it was effort crap though. I am just such an incapable writer that I focus for long hours to write just one ehhh paragraph. My first draft was a MESS! Fortunately, after attending writing conferences (two of them!) with my professor, I was able to semi sort out my ideas. It turned out that I started out writing about the double in Dr. Jekyll but ended out writing about hypocrisy in Dr. Jekyll. You can say I was directionless. (. . . that kind of describes all attributes of my life.) Yeah . .  But the essay I think will be one of my better essays to date, if I can finish it correctly that is. It still needs A LOT of work!

Oh yeah! I wrote the following during small breaks as I was finishing the second draft this morning:

     Waking up early to write this essay.

     Distracted by Tswift.

     My professor is right! I'm sick of this essay. I can't look at it coherently anymore.

     It's just a blurrr.

     Such a blur that I can't even read it after the second draft is finished.

Yeah. . . the above is not that coherent but its interesting. =]

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Biking On Comm Ave!

Biking in boston is definitely a different experience than what I'm use to. First and foremost, you have to constantly be watching out for cars. Cars just zoom by; it's actually a very annoying fact. I'm particularly annoyed when they are speeding on Commonwealth Ave (Comm. Ave) and/or beeping. It is a college campus, there's going to be students slowing you down and if you're in a rush, take storrow drive or some other street. I haven't witnessed someone getting hit by a car but somebody did get hit recently on campus, Comm. Ave to be specific. I remember  I was biking toward Warren Towers and when I heard sirens and yielded to a police car, I thought ignorantly, what know, as if police cars put on sirens for no reason. I felt really bad afterwards. Supposedly, there was enough blood from the accident to stain the road to the point that they had to cover it up with sand of some sort. I know, scary stuff. That incident put things into perspective. Since sirens are so common in Boston, I sometimes forget that each and everyone of those sirens could mean the difference between life and death. Hopefully, most of the sirens are to false alarms.

On a brighter note, they are redoing the roads on Comm. Ave, so I will have nice roads to bike on when going from one class to the next. Comm. Ave is interesting to bike on. See, Comm Ave. is like a Cosine graph (I know, it's a really mathematical comparison, but it's true.) You have to struggle up the hills but once you're up, you sail down effortlessly until you reach the next hill. Weather also effects the bike ride. Riding uphill against the wind is so difficult. The wind also blows my hair into my face but that hasn't been a problem since I bought a helmet (I can't believe my RA convinced me to get one). Rain is also bad, not so much the getting wet part but the part where dirty rain water is splashed on you. I find myself trying to bike as close to the sidewalk as possible, sometimes even on the sidewalk, to prevent getting splashed by cars, holding my legs parallel to the ground, and slowing down when going through a puddle, and sometimes not biking altogether when it rains. Snow will probably impact the ride but I haven't experienced that yet. The good thing about living at Warren Towers is that when snow does hit, my bike will be safe in the garage. =]

Biking I feel is so much nicer than walking, driving, taking the t, flying (as in a passenger on a plane. Flying a plane is a different story), and other methods of transportation. I grew up with a bike and am SO glad I get to bike a lot more in college. I also get into awesome predicaments on a bike (Oh T). ; ] So if you own a bike, use it! And if you don't own one; get one, even if it's a used one at a yard sale, and start experiencing the freedom of a bike!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update On My Classes

My classes from least favorite to most favorite:

ENG EK 131 Gateway To Electric Guitar (Part one of Intro to Engineering)
This class just becomes more wearisome with each passing class. But at least it's not as much work as my friend's EK 131 class and this wednesday is the last class! Yaaay . . . not really since EK 132 starts immediately after. Tomorrow, I will be finishing my Hank Drum for the class. Hopefully, it will work! Here's a youtube link of a Hank Drum since I never really described or provided info about it. Click! Yup, that's what I'll try to tune tomorrow. And then my class will be doing a parody/spoof of the song "One Week" by Bare Naked Ladies with instruments and equipment we've made. That will be interesting.

CAS CH 131 Principles of General Chemistry
There's not much to say except that I need to start putting in more effort. I am doing average in this class and it's totally my fault. I do want to do better; so game plan for tomorrow's class: bring my textbook and catch up on the reading instead of sleeping in class. I probably should catch up on homework too but thats something to work on in the afternoon/night. Labs on the other hand are going well.

CAS MA 124 Calculus II
This class is going well and normal. I am learning, doing homework, and doing well. So far we have not covered any material I have not covered in AP Calculus. I wonder how much harder it will become once we hit stuff I have never seen before. Hmm. . .

CAS WR 100 Writing Seminar
My favorite class this semester is Writing 100! W00! I think I just got lucky and have an interesting topic, Fantasy At The Fin De Si├Ęcle, and a great professor, she's very helpful and knowledgable of the topic. Currently, my writing is at a very subpar level but hopefully it will get better. Tonight, I shall try to keep up with the reading. I also have an essay to revise, but I don't have time for that tonight.

Well there it is, brief info on where I stand in my classes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day Before Yesterday

Much Delayed Post: Written on Friday, Posted Today, When it should have been done all on Wednesday.

The day before yesterday Devon and I had a mission: Get Boston Symphony Orchestra tickets. That took us all about 30 seconds not including the the subway ride there. So why did I not get home 'til 6ish when I left 4ish.

Well, I stumbled upon a fountain, a reflecting pool of water, northeastern (graduate studies education building, I believe), The First Church of Christ, Scientist, the Prudential Center, the apple store, newbury street, and more. All those places coupled with finding the UPS man, walking back from where ever we were, and just positive attitues turned it into a wonderful day. It was a great adventure.

So here's some pictures of the day:

This is of the a fountain, we came across. Looks pretty spectacular, if I say so myself?

This is inside the Prudential. Looks abstract but it's not. It's just water falling down a wall.

My Personal favorite: The inside of the three story Apple Store. I like how you can see our converses; It makes the picture.

Came across this on the walk back. It was nostalgic. I can only imagine the little child, who went to the park with her parents, drawing that and pleading her parents to hopscotch with her.

Since I posted this so late, I can include a brief description of today, technically yesterday now. . . It was tiring! I went to sleep at 1ish, maybe 2ish, woke up at 10:30 and went full blast until 11:30. I'm exhausted! But had so much fun at the Museum of Science, mexican food place, prudential, BSO (Boston Symphony Orchestra), and even the T. Oh good times!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sitting Idly In Class

I'm in my EK 131 class, Gateway to Electric Guitar, right now and watching a movie about the connection between science and music; right now, in the movie, the fetus is reacting to the singing of Mary Had A Little Lamb (I personally quite like that song). Yup, I'm half watching the movie. It's actually a great listen though.

Anyways, today would be a day I deemed to be more productive than normal. I had a very helpful meeting with my writing professor, dropped off my helium tank for cutting, and received a pleasing grade in my calculus class. I should mention that no I am not making a dangerous weapon with the helium tank but rather a Hank drum, let's see how that works out.

Plans left for today: picking up free tickets to Boston Symphony Orchestra  (Will be doing that tomorrow), fixing my Charlie Card for the T that refuses to accept the money I deposited online onto it's balance, and normal everyday activities: dinner, homework, procrastination, etc.

Sorry, there is not much thought in this post, but my brain is tired and I much rather save whatever brain power left in my brain for the writing essay I have to write tonight. Adios! =]

Joining the Bloggers

Well, here it is: My own personal blog. I guess this will be a place where I will be organizing my thoughts to the world wide web. I still need to finish designing the blog and figuring how everything works. But this site does seem more promising than the last I tried. Ideally, I would like to post once a day, but who knows, I might get excited and post twice or more a day, or super busy and post once a week.

I feel I will fall asleep and not finish this post if i do not post now. So good night and see you in the late AM, the flip side.