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Monday, January 17, 2011

One Post, Two days, Still Incomplete.

Been a while - LoL the signature phrase of a blogger. I feel every blogger has, at one point of their blogging career, said that. I guess I can now call myself a blogger.

But it has been awhile. I've been feeling ill all week. And for some reason, I blamed my illness on my overindulgence in looking at a screen: laptop screen, television screen, theater screen, iPhone screen. So I cut myself off from my laptop, checked my email sparingly, facebook, etc, on my phone, and avoid watching television as much as possible. However if I'm in the living room, I can't tell others not to watch television. So I didn't completely not watch television. I am not fully healed, but I am on the upward trend. So, I decided I needed to leave my house and went grocery shopping with my parents at H-mart, a Korean supermarket. Terrible idea on my part, since I am now bored. And we're caught up: I'm currently at H-mart, blogging away and trailing my parents without looking as they shop. (which is actually quite a task considering the massive amount of people at H-mart.)

A couple days later . . .

I didn't post the above after I finished typing it because I felt it wasn't complete. Looking at it now, I don't know what more I should add. Maybe include a line about how I read instead of doing screen activities. Maybe, a bit about the books I read: two mangas, an easy read young adult fantasy novel, and a fantasy novel I didn't finish reading. The books were totally different. The mangas were hour reads while the novels weren't. The easy novel was clearly a novel that was meant to entertain and did not make you think unlike the fantasy novel I didn't finish. That's the problem with me: I don't think enough. I've realized this a couple times during the break. The most obvious time was when I visited my camp directors. I listened in on their conversation and there's so much intellectual thought going on.

Is thinking something that comes with the years or something I need to work?

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