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Monday, September 05, 2011

My View

My view is quite amazing. All in one glance, I see geese, cars, water, and a university. The geese are on the esplanade, the cars are on Storrow Drive, the water is in the Charles River, and the university is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And every morning, I wake up to this view, give or take the geese. And it's amazing. I really love it.

I snapped this earlier, focusing more on the Cambridge skyline than Storrow Drive.
And it's all thanks to my amazing friends who pulled me into their spacious triple. Spacious enough for me to do cartwheels in the center. I also have my own little corner, nook so to write. It has it's own ceiling light. And it'll definitely come in handy when I do some late night studying while my roommates sleep. I really do love and appreciate my living arrangements. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, but, my dorm is on Bay State Road, which is where all the Brownstones are. The Brownstones, one of Boston's iconic architecture, have so much character, each with their own unique detail. While I'm not living in a Brownstone, I do get to walk up and down Bay State Road everyday, instead of Commonwealth Avenue, and take in the Brownstones and the serene, as Boston can be, atmosphere of Bay State Road. It's really nice.

It's going to take some time, though, to get used to the constant roar of Storrow Drive – I've heard it quiet maybe once, and it wasn't at night. But you know, there's a rumor that if you close eyes, it sounds like the ocean.

Classes start tomorrow . . . So yeah . . .

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