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Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston Marathon

The usual marathoners run the Boston Marathon. I biked it tonight, at midnight, with two peers and a crowd no less than 500 people (Pictures to come). And 26 miles is still long, even on bikes. I don't think I would be able to run it. It has a lot of hills, like a cosine graph! Remember how I said I haven't really biked this semester? Well, yeah 26 miles has left me exhausted! Part of it was also in rain. My shoes are soaked! And I am leaving on a hike in approximately two hours. Yeah, last week I was very mentally tired. And now, I'm about to completely exhaust myself physically. Maybe I will start a new once I crash completely.

More later, I need sleep. I just wanted a post out quickly, while the event is fresh in my mind.


Okay, So my pictures weren't that great . . .  It was dark and raining at one point. So I'll just link to a site that has some great pictures. The third picture is actually of us, the girl in green with the fedora is my friend, and you can see my white bike with a "I bike boston" sticker on the right as well as the knees of my other friend. I'm to the left (my green shirted friend's right), as in not in the picture. You can also see how we hung our bikes – the only compartment of the train to do so. Someone on the train commented that we were either brilliant or the bikes were going to all fall when the train started to move. We were the former. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we had take the train out 20 miles. Yeah, we're crazy, in a good way.

I'll also show this short video I recorded that shows you just a glimpse of how many people were there and all our red lights!

By the end of the night, I just had red lights flashing in my mind. At one point during the ride, I thought I was losing it. The rain had given the red lights a bubbly halo effect . . . yeah. Since I'm too lazy (and mildly busy) to tell the rest of this amazing tale, I will link to another person's account of the ride. It's a great account and there's a map of the marathon too. I basically had the same experience, right down to the barely exercising throughout winter part.

After the bike ride, I came home and stretched, which is KEY to not getting sore. And crawled into the shower. As much as I wanted to just sleep, I was hiking in two hours, I couldn't put my dirty self onto my bed, and I didn't want to sleep on the floor. Somehow, I managed to wake up for the hike. It would have been awful if I didn't wake up, considering I organized the hike. The hike was great! I didn't have much energy left for the hike so it was just slow and peaceful. Not too exciting. But I'll leave you with a picture from the hike.

That's Boston in the distance.

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