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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey, I'm twenty!

Saw this on Google+ . . .

Click to see. It's a list.

I don't know how I feel about it though. Some of it seems sound. But other parts of it, I want to just ignore. Like 17 for example. A reminder app? Really? But then again, this list is another blogger's list, not mine. And who knows, maybe in ten years I'll have the same items on my list.

What would I tell my fifteen year old self?

Nothing really. I felt I made all the right wrong and correct choices. I feel like I was super fortunate that all my choices were great choices and my not so great choices didn't have any devastating outcomes. Maybe though, I would tell myself to read more. I read a lot in middle school and then I kind of stopped reading in high school. Not exactly sure why. I didn't have a smooth transition into adult books, I guess. I have nothing to regret though. But that may be because of my current mindset. I believe things happen for a reason, good or bad, and what we gain from those good or bad things are wonderful experience, which is never a bad thing. With that mindset, it's kind of hard to regret anything.

Yeah, this was just a quick post. I'll get back to posting. I was going to post a rather personally post but then I changed my mind. Haha.

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