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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Ideas

I wasn't going to make goals this summer. I wanted to just make things. But then I had too many ideas in a short period of time, while at the same time not working on any of those ideas. So now I have a list of ideas to share on my blog and possibly bring to life this summer.

First, I want to make some sort of automated server, similar to the Japanese tea robots back in the tea ceremony days of 18th century Japan. I think I will go the electrical route though as oppose to the mechanical route. A friend of mine is interested in the idea, so we will probably work on this together and see where we get.

Second, I want to make a clock. This is a kind of a personal project. Somehow, I convinced myself that if people from centuries back could make a clock, then I, with a 21st century mind, should have no problem making a clock. Hah! We will see emily. Once I get the mechanical aspects of the clock to work, I do have some 21st century electrical ideas to complement it. In my mind, it already looks great! =]

Third, I want to make an iPhone/iPod touch app. Another one of my friends has also showed interest in this project. However, this idea is still in its infancy. I don't really have an idea for an app yet and I'm not sure if my friend has an idea or not. There's also a programming issue. I can program but by no means am I a strong programmer. I don't know yet if this project is out of our league or not.

Fourth, I have a portfolio webpage that I need to fix up. I've been thinking of just heading to the university library and using Dreamweaver to fix it up.

Finally, maybe, just maybe, I might give that floating lantern another try . . .

(Please don't mind the naiveness of all this. I'm still young . . .)

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