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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chinese Checkers

So last month, it was Badminton. This month it is Chinese Checkers. I love Chinese Checkers. I play by the Super Chinese Checkers. This is because I was taught Chinese Checkers by mother who is from Mainland China. My family, well mostly my mom and one of my sister, play into the late night. It gets so competitive.

Playing Chinese Checkers again brings back so many memories. I used to play when I was younger against my late grandfather. I rarely won against him, but it was fun to try to win. And when I did win, it felt wonderful. I miss my grandfather. It brings back memories of my youth. I remember when my neighbors got hooked on Chinese Checkers. That's what we do, we go to phases where we get hooked on things: Pokemon cards, swimming, hide-n-go-seek-freeze-tag-team in the dark, biking, Puzzle League. It was a great childhood. I also remember when I went to China in 2007, and the loser of each game would have to buy bubble tea for the winners. Haha, when I lost, I spent my mom's money and got myself one as well, so it was almost always a win-win situation for me. But still, my aunt and I would get pretty competitive.

And now, to add to the memories, this current phase of Chinese Checkers. This phase, I would characterize as the "I am evenly matched with my mother/occasionally better than her" phase. Things like Chinese Checkers and Badminton remind me of my wonderful childhood. Plus they're super fun. And gets me away from thinking about my daunting future, if for a bit, and the digital world.

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