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Monday, November 12, 2012

Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky from Pixar's Brave. Music by Alex Mandel, Lyrics by Mark Andrews & Alex Mandel, and Performed by Julie Fowlis.

I think I decided I liked this movie well before I even watched it. The scenery and animation is just too pretty and epic! So it didn't matter if the plot fell flat at times. Tonight's the kind of night where all I want to do is watch pretty animation of adventure and wish I was on an adventure.

Update: I found a really nice live version of this song performed by Julie Fowlis. It's good. Check it out! I really like the second verse of this song:

"Where dark woods hide secrets,
And Mountains are fierce and bold,
Deep waters hold reflections
of times lost long ago.

I will hear their every story,
Take hold of my own dream,
Be as strong as the seas are stormy,
And proud as an eagle's scream"

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