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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Really Quick Update


A couple things real quick, since I have class in 18 minutes, and I still need to walk to class; it's about 5-10 minutes away.

First, I want to show you my light show that I made mostly over break and finished this week!

I wrote a post last year about having the initial idea and the excitement behind it, but I couldn't bring myself to post it because I was afraid I wouldn't finish it. A lot of work went into this project, from threading 600+ strands of fiber optic strands through needle-size holes to glueing the fiber optics in place to programming the light sequences. My work paid off. This project came out pretty well. I do admit that in my head, it was grander than it appears above.

Second, I have a twitter now! Yay! (Actually, I've had it for quite sometime but I just didn't know what to do with it.) I'm going to be using Twitter to post/tweet 105 firsts I will accomplish this year. I kind of made it my goal to try new things this year, so we'll see. Some of the tweets will be pretty dull, but others I think will be interesting. Who knows? I don't. The link is on the right with the hashtag #emily105 -- I'm smilling right now because I successfully claimed a hashtag for myself. =] The actual twitter handle is @ewlmonkey. So follow, if you're interested. (As for tweeting status updates, I'm not quite sure about that yet.)

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