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Sunday, March 24, 2013

My 3 Steps to Getting Stuff Done

My 3 Steps to Getting Stuff Done:

1: I need to come up with the idea of whatever it is I want to do. If I want to build something, I need to come up with the design, I need to research, read wikipedia, gather supplies, and maybe even clean up an area to work in. Basically, all preparatory stuff to whatever it is I want to get done. Sometimes, the stuff I need to get done is a task that somebody else has assigned to me, which is great, or not so great because this step can be fun, because step 1 is already done for me. Step 1 is my favorite step though; I love thinking of new ideas and using my imagination.

2: I need to START! This is the hardest step for me. I have tremendous difficulties in starting things. I have no idea why. Maybe I'm just lazy and a very good procrastinator. Sometimes I can start but then once I take a break or get distracted, I'm immediately back at the beginning of Step 2 and need to start again. Starting again is just as difficult, sometimes even more difficult. I think I spend just as much time on this step as the other two steps.

3: Do. You just need to stop thinking about getting stuff done and just do it. This one is tricky because you can easily stop doing and end up back at Step 2. When I'm in Step 3, I am adequately prepared -- I'm not hungry, I have energy, and I've done Step 1 and Step 2. So all do during Step 3 is do. I find that once I get over the starting process, I'm a pretty efficient doer. Sometimes I can work straight and for long hours. That's usually the case when I program. On multiple occasions, I would prepare to program, start programming, and just program until I am done. I will forget about the distractions, the fact that I wanted to make tea, the fact that I'm tired, the fact that the task was daunting. I just do.

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