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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What The Hell Part II

Just some jams for the week. Things to keep me going.

Justin Timberlake's Not A Bad Thing. I think this throwback 90s vibe is working for JT. Mirrors had it and I liked that song too.

Karmin's Pulses. It's just been stuck in my head. The music video is cool; it's got some science. They have a new album. Though, I'm currently favoring their EP more than this album. But it seems poised to be the kind of album that "grows on you."

From Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises: Hi-Koki-Gumo by Yumi Gumo. Like the movie, beautiful and sober.

I'm still listening to the Frozen score/soundtrack. I'm pretty fond of Vuelie and it's reprise The Great Thaw as well as Heimr Àrnadalr. Whiteout is also good when in the zone.

And I guess a cover: Clara C's cover of Lorde's Royals. It's casually good.

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