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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Should Just Sleep

I haven't blogged in awhile, and its not because I haven't done anything interesting. In fact, I've done many interesting things since I've last blogged, including going to the Boston Commons tree lighting, watching Tangled again, going to the Boston Ballet, which was AMAZING, going to a BU vs. BC hockey game, pulling my first all nighter while averaging  4 hours of sleep for the three days prior to that, followed by 16 hours of SLEEP, writing letters to ambassadors for women rights, exploding bottles with dry ice, trekking out in the rain as a superadventurer with Devon to watch the wonderful Angelina Jolie and equally wonderful Johnny Depp in The Tourist, and just having a grand time with my floormates.

The reason I haven't blogged probably is because I'm just really tired, lazy, and busy, mainly lazy. Right now, by blogging, I am procrastinating. AHHHH! I'm so unproductive. I really need to start on my MECH-E project too. And this exam week is daunting. I've like already planned my entire week, when and what subject I'll be studying. I highly dislike planning stuff. It's so unlike me.

I also want some real food, dining hall food no longer counts as real food. Actually, I just want some simple home cooked food . . . Even plain white rice sounds good right now.

Also, I still pretty much don't know what type of engineering I want to major in. I haven't given much thought to it either . . .

I am having an awesome time in college, but right now, I really need to just focus and stop being a lazy bum!

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