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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh T!

This is just a quick update. I was kind of planning something monumental for the first post of March but this will do. I'll plan a monumental post for the first day of Spring for sure.

Anyway, I have been SO BUSY. It's ridiculous. I don't even know why I've been busy either. It's just a regular college course load. It's not like I'm taking an extra class or working twenty hours a week. School work, I guess just takes me a while.

But yeah, Spring break starts now! And, I will be spending that time hibernating – You know, recuperating from the lack of sleep and pondering what to do with my life for this summer.

And um . . .

The inspiration behind the name of this blog is two events that happened on the T since the last time I posted. Basically there was one occasion where the T system was messed up and Ts were legit moving in the opposite directions of their usual direction. The Green line was also not making its full route, meaning I could only take the Green line halfway back to BU. The mbta offered a bus replacement, but I wasn't going to try to cram myself into a bus that I know will not hold the usual load of the Green line. I opted to walk back despite the freezing temperature. The second ocassion is when I saw people performing acrobatics on the Red line, I could totally see that happening in a film or music video. I, however, was totally not expecting to see it in real life! It was kooL. =]

Also, check out the cross-Boston adventure my floormates and I had:

!7.6 miles! =]

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