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Monday, March 28, 2011


My head is heavy, I'm zoning out, yet I feel no need to sleep even though I want to. I very much desire to sleep 24 hours straight but atlas I cannot. I believe I have homework in all my classes! What homework shall I do? I don't know. But my essay needs to be written ASAP and I guess my physics and MATLAB and calculus homework needs to be done as well. I'm yawning. Why am I writing in such a weird voice. It must be the lack of sleep. Or maybe it's because I've been reading Dracula and it's diary-like style is rubbing off on me. I'm feeling very passive.

Agh. I have been really unhealthy today. I don't think I ate a proper meal – not that there are proper meals in the dining hall if I had decided to go down to eat.

The television is on and my roommate is asleep and I'm just sitting here.

I don't know. 

Well,  I will now go shower. 

Postscript: I just thought of something. I lied. I will not be posting my story idea until gawd knows when. 

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