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Monday, April 11, 2011

As You Can See, I lied.

I have hidden myself in the Department of Earth Sciences corridor in CAS (College of Arts and Science) to read Dracula. I am quite alone. I was at fist at BU beach but it has since gotten dark and windy. Now I'm being lonesome and writing a blog post before heading out to get froyo with friends. I am terribly behind in Dracula. =[ But now that midterms, paper, and project are over, I will be able to finally catch up. I feel horribly guilty for blowing off writing assignments; but, I have chosen, my other classes take precedent. There's a long overdue post that I started writing pre-springbreak that I haven't finished writing or posted about my current classes. But tonight will be the night it is posted. Well, I have more to say but I'll update this post when I get back: don't want to keep my friends waiting.

I edited the post title April 21st, 2011. The actually post, aside form this line, remains the same.

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