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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Youngest in the Neighborhood

I saw a little girl today. She was fictional, in my mind. But nevertheless, I saw her. She wore a pink matching outfit with Dora the Explorer on it. And she was jumping rope with a smile on her face. Well, she was until her mother walked out the front door of their home.

I overheard: 

"Jamie, why aren't you playing with your sister."

Jamie. So that's the name of the little girl.

"I don't want to," Jamie replied. 

"Why not?" the mother asked.

"She's playing hideandgoseekfreezetagteam."

I smiled, I haven't heard someone say that since I don't know when. But it's been a while.

"Hidey-what?" the mother asked. I snickered to myself. My mom said the same thing back then.

"Hide-And-Go-Seek-Freeze-Tag-Team." Jamie said and resumed jumping rope.

"Oh," the mother replied. But I could tell there was still a hint of confusion in her voice. "Is she playing with the rest of the neighbors?"

"Yeah, Carla, Jay,  Noah, Jenny, and Ann."

"You should join them," the mother encouraged.

"I don't want to," Jamie shrugged. "I rather jump rope."

"By yourself?"


"But, don't you want to join your friends in hideyfreetag?" the mother edged.

"Not really. They already have even teams. And I'm slow."

"You're not slow. You're just little. You could be on Bonnie's team." I guess Bonnie is the name of the older sister. "She'll help you."

"Really, mom, I rather just jump rope." I could tell Jamie was getting frustrated at her mother.

"Okay," the mother said giving up.

I watched the mother go back into their home. And Jamie just continued to jump rope with a smile on her face. 

She jumped ninety-nine continuous jumps before she missed. But she didn't look frustrated at all when she missed. I guess I was the only one keeping track then, because if I were her and I knew I jumped ninety-nine continuous jumps, I would be, at the least, slightly frustrated that I didn't make it to hundred. 

Jamie just continue to jump rope with a smile on her face until I stopped imagining her. But if I did imagine her again, she would be jumping rope with a smile on her face.

But I wonder, was Jamie really happy?

I wish I knew. In my own experience, I remember being slow. I remember even teams. I remember not playing with the rest of my neighbors. I remember playing by myself. But I don't remember whether I was happy or sad.

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