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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Puzzle Completed – YESH!

Alrighty! I completed my puzzle. And just like I expected it is the first of my summer goals accomplished. I am proud. The puzzle took me approximately 16.5 hours over a span of 3 days to compete. And then additional hours and days to glue and dry.

Basically, I wanted to complete a puzzle because I wanted something to decorate my dorm room wall. Last year, the most common comment about my dorm room was that it lacked decorations. I'm not much of a wall decorator. I like then bare. Even a poster of my favorite movie star, Angelina Jolie, and a middle school pennant hangs not on my bedroom wall but on the inside of my closet door. However, I do sometimes have random stickies on my wall. I use to also have a wall calendar but I've since removed it and did not purchase a new calendar to replace it. So, I decided I needed something for my dorm room wall. And being the atypical person I desire to be I decided to complete a puzzle and hang that.

I actually decided on the puzzle idea while I was still at BU. But because the puzzle will be hung on the wall, I felt it should be a reflection of me. So finding a puzzle to my liking took a while. I must've looked at a bunch of stores including specialty puzzle stores. Skylines looked nice but I never saw a Boston skyline puzzle. Castles looked nice too. But they are meaningless to me. Hidden cottages in the middle of the forest were beautiful. But not me. I finally saw this puzzle on the back of another puzzle box and set out looking for it. It is of a Thomas Kinkade painting. While I do not think Thomas Kinkade is anything extraordinary – I admit I'm also not in the know of art – I really liked this puzzle. It's of Central Park in New York – but I will pretend it's of Public Garden in Boston. The reason I like this puzzle so much is because it's the integration of the city and the park. And that's really me. I'm very much a city person. But I also need my green space. However, the major downfall of this puzzle is that it's of autumn and I rather it was of Spring. But I guess I can't be too picky.

Anyway here are some pics of the process and the finished puzzle:

After 5.5 hours

After 12.5 hours

Puzzle drying after applying puzzle glue

Finished Puzzle! =] (Argh, there's a glare.)

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