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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quirks, Likes, Flaws, and All Things Unique

I've been thinking about what makes me me or you you. It's a hard question and I don't really have an answer.

First, I'm human. But you're also human, I think. So what makes us different? Are we different? Why do some of us strive to be unique while the rest of us strive to be similar? The reason is because we think different, right? Why? (I know, I sound like an naive, inquisitive kid.)

Physically, we are a lot similar than we are different. We're just different sizes, like similar triangles – did I really just make a math reference? Our chemical make up is pretty similar. There's this fact scientists toss around about how all human DNA is 99% the same or something like that? I'm no good at biology. But the point is that we are pretty similar. So what makes us different?

Our likes? Quirks? Philosophy? Flaws? Experiences? Personality?

Is personality constant?

I don't really have an answer for all the questions I've posed. But here are some thoughts going through my head somewhat related to those questions.

Over Thanksgiving break, I went shopping at the generic mall. And it hit me hard like a brick that I didn't like the same things I used to. Things I used to want to buy, I didn't want. Actually, I didn't really want anything at the mall. It was a rather empty feeling, not knowing what I liked anymore. So that poses two conclusions: I've either changed or my previous self was a lie. And I think it's a combination. I think my younger self strived more to fit in with society than my current self. And because of that some of my likes weren't really my own inception. But then again, video games was something I used to genuinely enjoy and now I find it terribly sad that I don't play. It's a realization: I've changed. This leads me to believe that yes, our likes do determine to some degree who we are. But again, not all Harry Potter fans are alike or all people who like the color yellow.

And then there are the little quirks of an individual. It's only been recent that I've consciously recognized my quirks. I can't seem to recall one but I certainly have quirks. I just forget them almost instantaneously after I've recognized them, that is until that quirk shows up again. (I just rested my head on my pillow and realized that one of my quirks is that I vary my sleeping orientation, i.e. my head is sometimes at the "post" of my bed and other times at the "end" of my bed. I've known this one for awhile but see, it's a prime example of me forgetting until the quirk shows up again.)

People I admire. Why do I admire then? I'm fascinated by Angelina Jolie. But I'm not fascinated by all actresses. Actually, there aren't many actress similar to her. And that's why I admire her. She's different. Of course all I know of her is from interviews and wikipedia. This post really isn't about why I like Angelina Jolie, so I won't go further into it. But I bring up Angelina Jolie because the primary reason I admire Angelina Jolie is because she took life into her own hand. She realized she was self-destructive and that it wasn't good for her. She rose from her flaws. To be able to take control of your life, I admire that trait. So her flaws somewhat define her, definitely her experiences. Yes, she's no longer the same person, but they make her different. And that I believe also defines a person.

I don't think I'm making any sense anymore . . .

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