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Thursday, November 25, 2010



I do hope everyone is enjoying their break, regardless if you celebrate the holiday or not. It's good to take a breather sometimes and just relax.

Well, it's been a weekish since I last posted. Hmm . . . what have I been up to? Well, for one I've seen both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I and Tangled! I enjoyed both movies very much! I think Tangled might have been the better movie! I know, I'm such a Benedict Arnold.

The midnight experience for Harry Potter was amazing though! And watching Harry Potter with fans is always great. The movie was very much catered toward fans and if you never read the books you would be utterly confused. But the movie did do a good job with the parts it did do. The Boston Common Loews theater was also VERY nice!

The amc theater I watched Tangled in, however, was not pleasant at all. It was small and dingy and not well designed. It also made me realize and appreciate how nice my home theater was. There also wasn't a choice of nonbuttered popcorn. The only reason I went to watch Tangled at that particular amc is because my sisters had free tickets to watch Tangled there. Tangled was such a great movie. The trailer made the movie look very superficial and gave very little insight on what the movie was actually about. Tangled turned out to be very deep, musical, modern, cute, and enjoyable! Overall, a well-crafted movie; Props to Disney. Tangled has also made its way onto my favorite Disney movies list—a list I really should blog about.

Between watching Harry Potter and Tangled, I went to the Boston Symphony Hall to watch the Boston University Symphony Orchestra celebrate violinist Roman Totenberg 100th birthday and to the Boston Public Library to get my library card—it's orange!

Also I've been thinking of . . .

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