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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm ADDICTED to awkward!!!

Today has been a good day - okay, it would be better if I finished my outline for WR 100 but I still have time. Anyways, I went to the goodwill store for the first time! It was so interesting. They had really kooL stuff there, like records and cassettes and VHS tapes. I'm so disappointed in myself for never going into a goodwill store until now. My floormates and I also went into a gaming store and they had ALL sorts of board games! It was equally amazing as the goodwill store.

And finally, I bought Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits, for the second time! 

They are so awkward! Like when you eat them. Weird. And yet, I bought it a second time. I think I'm addicted to awkward things. It's just so awkward on your tongue! The first time I bought them, I shared them with my writing class and this time with my floor. It's just such an awkward taste that I want everyone to experience its awkwardness. My roommate, however, refused to try it. But everyone else tried them and can testify to its awkwardness. As my floormate Kate said "Emily, I never believed something could taste awkward until now." Haha! =]

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