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Monday, November 08, 2010

My Mind's A MESS!

So yeah, since I've gotten to University, I've done a lot of things, most of which I would like to blog about but probably will never blog about since I'm not a strong blogger (or for that matter, writer,) and it would take a lot of time to blog it all. (You get a glimpse of some of those things in the last post.) So, I select and choose what I blog. Sometimes, it's the most interesting thing I can think of and sometimes it's just the most easiest and quickest thing to blog about.

Today's topic is movies!!! I've watched a good amount of movies since I've been here, more so than I did at home. So enjoy my movie talk! (I don't critique.)


So let's start off with the first, and so far only, movie I saw at the Fenway Regal Theater with my floor-mates very early on in the semester; I don't even think classes had started. But let me check. *Looks for ticket stub* Oh, bummer, I can't find it. I must have taken it home and put it with my collection of ticket stubs. So the movie I saw was Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Basically, we just wanted to see a movie. I had not even heard of the movie when my floor-mates suggested to see it. But, I did promptly watch the trailer and tagged along and enjoyed the movie. The movie was about a young man, in a rock band, who "falls in love" with a girl with 7(I think that was the number) deadly exes out to get him. The movie was presented like a video game where the term "KO" would appear when he defeated an ex, earn coins and lives and the such. I thought that was unique; it's the first movie I've seen presented that way. It was one of those movies that you throughly enjoyed and like but most likely will not have a itch to see it again but you never know.

Since this is a long post, I will be adding a page break here, so click on to read more! =]

Next up, I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This movie was watched on a movie night in one of the girls room. It was a fun movie night and we bonded. We decided to have a movie night before we actually picked out a movie. We bounced around movie ideas. We finally decided on My Big Fat Greek Wedding because I hadn't seen it before and my floormates all insisted I needed to see it. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a well-done chick flick about a young Greek woman who falls in love with an American and the families having to overcome the heritage differences. It was a good and happy movie but not a movie I would most likely want to see again unless with friends.

Okay, this next movie, Beauty and the Beast, I did not watch here. But the movie is too great a movie to not mention! I actually watched it at home when I went home for my younger sister's birthday. She had received the new diamond edition of the movie for her birthday. So, I'm assuming everybody already knows the plot and if you don't, shame on you and go watch it already. But this is a movie that gets better and better with each watch; the ballroom scene looked fantastic in Blu Ray. I absolutely love this movie and it comes in at a close second for my favorite Disney movie, behind Aladdin. Belle, though, is my favorite Disney princess!

The next movie, I had watched before University and is a movie I brought along to college. Some of the quad squad, the four people in the quad room, had never seen 17 Again and wanted to watch it. 17 Again is a good chick flick, starring Zac Efron, about a middle age man who is not happy with his life and goes back into the past to change his life to realize he doesn't regret anything and would make the same choices. It's your classic age transformation movie and I liked it; it had its good moments. I had watched it several times but it was not until this watching that I realized how creepy some of the scenes where when not in context. *bleh-ew*

"Like a Shooting Star, I can go the distance. I will search the world, I will face its harms, I don't care how far, I can go the distance till I find my hero's welcome waiting in your arms." Yes, those are lyrics from Hercules. Hercules I watched right after 17 Again with my floormates who didn't watch 17 Again and some friends from home. We made it such an event with so much food and singing along. But everyone was so tired that by the end of it, we all just all wanted to sleep. Hercules, like Beauty and the Beast is a great movie that I really feel no need to explain the plot. However, a lot of people have not seen it, which is a shame since it's such a great movie, even though its depiction of greek mythology is skewed. 

Rocky Horror Picture Show! Now this is a super hyped musical movie, played every saturday midnight at multiple theaters across the world with a live action presentation. The movie itself isn't all that great. It's plotless and extremely weird but it does have great music! I watched this movie first before going to the midnight watching. The midnight watching is an experience! If you haven't seen it and are alright with R-rated stuff then go experience it! The people putting on the show and the audience are really into the midnight experience. There is usually, almost always, people yelling out commentary to the movie which makes the experience tenfold more funny. I have to admit I fell asleep during the midnight watching, even with all the yelling, but that was because I hadn't slept till 2AM the previous night. Glee also did their version of Rocky Horror Picture Show but that was just strange and not executed well.

The next movie, the quad squad just decided to watch and invited the rest of the floor. I think it was on a night everyone was busy with halloween or something. The Proposal is a very well done chick flick. It's about a woman who fakes her engagement to a man so that she would not get deported but actually falls in loves with him in the end. The movie is predictable but enjoyable and hilarious all the time because each actor did a great job with their role, especially Betty White as the grandmother. The starring actors Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were great too! Would I re-watch this movie? Yes I would.

The next movie I watched twice since I been here! And both times with people who have not seen it before. The Princess and the Frog is thoroughly enjoyable! The Princess and the Frog easily is comparable to Disney's best. It is about a hardworking woman who works for her future and does not wait for her Prince Charming to waltz her off her feet. I will have to admit that the first time I saw it I was disappointed but that was my fault. I was expecting it to be the best movie ever created and also I didn't appreciate the music as much. However, as I watched it again and again, I grew in love with the movie and Randy Newman is wonderful composer. The Princess and the Frog is definitely up there with Disney's Greats.

This next movie, I totally was not expecting to watch. I had slept a total of 2 hours in the last 36 hours and I was dead (Like zombie dead, too tired to actually seek sleep)! But it was the fifth of November and a floormate really wanted to watch the movie V for Vendetta. So we watched the movie! It was a good watch, to the point that I did not fall asleep despite how tired I was. I just can't believe I had never seen this 'til now. It's basically about how a free spirit with enhanced abilities tries to liberate a totalitarian government. Definitely has rewatch value. And also, Natalie Portman can pull off bald!

The latest movie I watched was Inception. Now, that is a movie that makes you put your thinking cap on! It's definitely got my mind in a MESS! Simple mind-boggling. I can't believe I waited this long to see it. Granted it's my fault, since, when the movie came out I was low on cash and chose Salt (I'm slightly biased toward anything Angelina Jolie), another movie that leaves you thinking, over Inception. I won't spoil anything on this post if you haven't seen it but I definitely recommend anyone to see it. And, those who have seen it, definitely let me know you opinions of the movie in the comments. All I'm going to say, now, is this is a movie I plan on re-watching it multiple times.

I think I've hit all the movies I've watched since I've been here, but there are probably some slipping my mind right now. I know, I'm losing it! Whatever it is?

As for movies I'm looking forward to watching, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (at midnight!) and Tangled (which comes out over Thanksgiving break so I probably won't be seeing it here) are on the top of my list. I am super excited for both!

Wow! Long post. 

I'm sorry for length and the rambling that usually comes with it. =[

(Yes, I am adding color; I enjoy colors. =])

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