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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Self-Dicipline

Fair WARNING: this post is extremely weird. People have given me the "you're crazy" look when I try to explain the following to them. Anyway, you have been forewarned, proceed with a wary mind.

Sometimes to understand an abstract concept I need to objectify it.

Meet my self-dicipline:

Yup, my self-dicipline is a 89¢ bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. The way I see it is that if I eat my bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs, I will have no more Cadbury Mini Eggs or in other words, I have no self-dicipline. But by not eating the candy, I am actually self disciplining myself, and resisting something I really want. And, if the physical Cadbury Mini Eggs are not eaten then I also still have self-dicipline. Basically, I will tempt myself and carry around this bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs in my backpack. And, I will learn to ignore it's temptation and keep myself self-diciplined. I will also be self-diciplining my self not to buy on impulse random foods since what's the point of buying junk food when I already have it with me in my backpack. I'm just self-diciplining myself not to eat it. I have literally taken a abstract concept and objectified it.

Why? Well, recently, I have just been eating a lot of crap. I also have been procrastinating against my better judgement. This little stunt of mine will hopefully teach me the self-dicipline to stop myself from doing stuff I don't want to do.

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