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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What The Hell

I'm double posting today!  Yay! =] Anyway, I've been posting a lot of wordy posts lately – although I have attached pictures. But that doesn't mean the word count goes down. So this post will consist of limited words – hopefully less than one hundred – and five songs.

Chinese version of There You'll Be from Pearl Harbor. Faith Hill sings the English version.
Amei's[张惠妹] "排山倒海"! (I love her voice. Just thought I let you know.)

For some variety: Rap!
Magnetic North's "Drift Away"!

And continuing the variety: A youtube cover of a broadway song!
Sam Tsui & Nick Pitera Covers "For Good"!

Another Broadway (and Wicked) song, but rock!
Kerry Ellis' Rock Version of "Defying Gravity"

Draco Malfoy sings? No, but Tom Felton does.
Tom Felton's "If You Could Be Anywhere"!

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