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Saturday, February 22, 2014

SNAP Challenge | Day 13

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Last full day! Tomorrow, I have a a meal to complete that half day I had. So, yeah. Breakfast/Lunch was an omelet with milk. Can you believe it? I still have not managed to finish my half gallon of milk. Ugh, I'm so bad.

Dinner I went all out. I cooked a whole crown of broccoli and whatever beef I had left. Go big or go home! Something like that, right? Leftovers will most likely be tomorrow's lunch. But yeah, it's been a good run. I feel good. I still have food. Can't wait to binge eat junk food tomorrow though. Hahaha.

This is not all the broccoli I cooked; there is more in a bow somewhere not pictured. Hehe.

Check back tomorrow for the final recap!!! WOO! (Today was another day of attending an event where I couldn't eat the food. Yeah . . . it was Nudpob today! =[)

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