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Monday, February 24, 2014

SNAP Challenge | Last Day

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Well, it's over now: my two weeks on a $60 budget. And I feel really great. I wished you could have seen me earlier. There was definitely a healthy bounce and happiness in me: a very lighthearted and carefree gait. I've joked with people that immediately after the challenge, I was going to buy a bag of chips. But I didn't. I just didn't feel the urge to buy junk food. I guess it's true when they say junk food slows you down. I just never really put too much thought into how true it was. This challenge has definitely reinstilled in me good habits of cooking. I'm glad I did it.

Additionally, I still have food leftover. I have a couple of carrots, some of my pepper, an entire onion, a piece of pork, some tofu, two eggs, half a lime, and a bit of almond milk left. It's really embarrassing that I wasn't able to finish the milk. Sigh. But this challenge is still an overall success. I am healthier. I can also put off grocery shopping for a couple of days. =] Though maybe not, since I think I want fish tomorrow.

I did celebrate the end of the challenge by going out for dinner. I spent ~$17 on a single meal including tax and tip. Eating out is starting to make less and less sense to me when I can spend ~$17 on groceries for about three days. Sure, eating out is time-saving. But I managed to cook on one of my busiest weeks yet. So I really don't have any excuses. However, I do admit it was extremely difficult to make time and cook when I was so busy. That and turning down free food were the difficult parts of these past two weeks.

I wish I had more to say, but all my thoughts are currently tangled up in my tired and incoherent mind. Maybe I'll elaborate a different day; but most likely not.

Just know that it's been good. Two weeks is a good amount of time to build good habits. I'm definitely going to continue these habits. I just won't be strictly on $30/week, plus I will accept free food and buy more fruits. On that note, I think I will be starting a new challenge, which is Facebook mornings. The thing to this challenge is simple: cut down on the time I spend on Facebook. So basically, I will only be Facebook during the AM hours. All my other social media and email will still be active and all access. I guess you could say I have a personal vendetta against Facebook. Haha. It seems like I like to take up challenges that have a more adverse effect on the people around me than me.

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